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Category:Fashion, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:germany, cosplay, bad CGI, Winx Club
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Comment count is 19
Well this is something.
1:49-1:50 is my favorite part.

I think my favorite part is when they're all dancing awkwardly for the last minute or so.

im just gonna assume the person @ 1:20 paid for all this and that falling over like that is their fetish
I'm pretty sure the woman in the blonde wig with the orange costume is behind it, actually. It's her channel, anyhow.

That guy
Fuck's sake, this and her channel gave me the creeps.

I'm pretty sure everything Winx-related, including the show itself, is based on someone's fetish.

infinite zest
I.. uh.. never mind.

Speaking of which, is anyone here familiar with Winx? What is the deal with it? The only place I've ever heard it mentioned is here on poeTV.

It's sort of a rip-off of Harry Potter (kid has powers but doesn't know it until she's accepted at the school for magic) but with more teen-angst melodrama ("Oh no! Dean asked Melanie to the dance instead of me!" Cut to Melanie giggling evilly, casting a spell on Dean), with odd moments of "girl power" wedged in.
Also, the Winx girls "evolve" up stages of magic. Like Pokemon.
So basically, (90210-sex)*(Harry Potter+Girl Power)*(Pokemon)=Winx
I don't think I know what its deal is, tho.

I don't know anything about it, I got a bunch of poorly animated Winx fanart in the related videos or something or other last week and that's the full extent of my knowledge.

infinite zest
From the looks of it I'd throw in Sailor Moon and a bit of MLP too.. I'm just surprised, given its apparently huge fanbase, and of course being on Poetv, that I'd never heard of it.

I saw one episode on Netflix, and the thing that most stood out was sheer number of SFW fetishes the animators had.

infinite zest
Yeah it's kind of like how I like John Spencer but never liked Pussy Galore or Heavy Trash.. MB's just been one of those bands to me despite Patton being one of my musical heroes.

infinite zest
Woah whoops!

Pussy Galore is the only John Spencer project I ever really cared for, let's fight.

Winx Club, fuck that stupid ass show.
Holy crap, it's still going. They're at 7 seasons, 182 episodes.

It's to Italy what Sailor Moon was to Japan. Which is appropriate considering how it began as a blatant ripoff of Sailor Moon.

Caminante Nocturno
That is some half-assed dancing, man!
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