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Desc:Clip from a video game. Mostly SFW, but don't watch at work.
Category:Video Games, Pets & Animals
Tags:vore, Cow, monster girl
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Comment count is 20
hallo could u pls make scene with many cowgirls from above

with my face in cowpie after?

thank u
Well, at least the calves got fed.

Sorry babe, but if we're in pedantry mode, both "calves" and "calfs" are acceptable, but "calfs" itself is largely unused.

infinite zest
"Cowbabies" would have also been acceptable.


Sudan no1
aaaaaaand my youtube recommendations are fucked up again.
PROTIP: don't come here if you want to live

it gave me this:

HUGE STUFFING - overeat - after before stuffing

The inflation dream channel is interesting.

submit plz

I will never understand vore, especially to this extent.

"Unffff oh yeah I want to be digested into nutrients that sustain her body UUNNNNNHHHHHFFFFFF OHH YEAH"
same, just never even came close to understanding what totally fucked-up childhood experience could lead to this fetish.

Kid Fenris
Vore seems to combine a death wish with an intense domination fetish. After all, what's more dominating that someone dehumanizing you to the point of nutrients and then completely destroying you?

As for childhood experiences, I dunno. Eating people wasn't as common a device in kids' media as, say, switching bodies or becoming a giant, but some cartoons had characters trying to devour other sentient beings, like Tom & Jerry or Wile E. Coyote.

But I'm an outside observer. Maybe there's a vore enthusiast here who could go into more depth.

For some reason i have front page privileges and am worried about abusing the gift.
When did you get them? I thought nobody got them any more.

I'm not sure what game this is, but there's an entire cottage industry of "reverse-rape" eroges like this, with a large and rapidly-growing fan community behind them. The most notorious of them is a series called "MonsterGirl Quest", and they all seem to follow the same basic pattern: J-RPG, young male (possibly shota) protagonist, you fight girl monsters, and when you lose, you get raped/ eaten/ raped and eaten.

There are a ton of Let's Plays and Youtube clips for these games; most have NSFW on-screen written dialogue, but heavily censored artwork and audio, which I think is why they evade YT's censorship policies. Would any poesters like to see more?
infinite zest
Sure! Everything's SFW where I work.

This reminded me of that fucking udder worship video that was on here a while ago. What a world....
I am udderly speechless.
Why does she have udders AND tits?
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