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Desc:The Redlettermedia of car reviews serves up every impotent authoritarian's favorite car.
Tags:Cars, open carry, Crown Victoria
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Comment count is 11
By "impotent authoritarian", do you mean "black dudes"? Because they're the only people driving these things in my area these days. Oh, and old Buicks.
I mostly see young punk types with them, and then they turn the whole car into some kind of art car thing. I don't think I've ever seen one of these on the road locally where the car was in any sort of nice condition. I think the authoritarian stereotype is probably true in some places...where I'm at, though, it seems like the stereotype is that people buy these cars to purposefully fuck them up as some kind of anti-cop statement.

The Mothership
Yea, all I see in this car are old black dudes and young white kids trying to roll like old black dudes.
Well done, the open carry voice.
Kid Fenris
This is pretty good. Car people are awful.
Juice Eggs McKenna
Oh man it's 4 in the morning and now I have to watch the whole series of these videos. Thanks FABIO.
They are pretty good.

Damn does this guy sound like Adam Scott.

I skyped the guy who does this channel about checking out the Honda CRZ that I had, I felt like it was a car right up his alley: a bland, generally unfun attempt to create a sporty hybrid 4 years before the BMW i8. I lived in MD not too far from where they did most of their filming, but he was so backlogged with other requests.

I traded that CRZ in for a 2015 Focus ST. It's fast and fun.

Robin Kestrel
A lot of taxi companies use them here. Many have 400k+ miles on them.
This was fun.
Lets talk about the interior!
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