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Desc:Another example of brilliance cancelled after one season.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:kenny, spenny, Testees
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Comment count is 6
This show was stupid. Well worth watching.

Whole series is on Hulu.
infinite zest
Oh it's these guys. I used to live with a guy who had the Kenny and Spenny box set, which is something that exists. Yeah it's pretty dumb.

kenny vs spenny had some of the funniest moments ever recorded on television. I don't need to defend this statement, since there are people on this website that probably think Red vs Blue and Robot Chicken are funny. It's just a fact.

infinite zest
I said it was dumb, but I didn't say I didn't like it. Kind of like Jackass, which I caught on TV last night and still laugh at. For those who haven't seen it, it was pretty much the kind of dares you used to do with your friend, or, in the YouTube age, virtual strangers on the internet. KVP occupied that perfect timeframe in-between, and the dares got pretty absurd and high budget.

I don't know if I could see a plot-based show working as well on paper, but I've got hulu so I'll definitely give it a try.

Yeah this is one of those shows that's dumb in the good way (or maybe good in the dumb way).

Also fun fact, Joe Pingue, who plays Nugget in this show, is the voice of Entrče the cowpigshrimpchicken in Spliced, another obscure Canadian show (specifically a not-particularly-for-kids cartoon produced by Nelvana), and one of Entrče's nipples is named Nugget. I asked one of the show creators about that on Twitter and he said it was actually a funny coincidence and they weren't thinking about Testees.

Spliced is another good-dumb show that should have gotten more than one season.

I like all the jokes about boobs and farts.
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