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Desc:wait a second, something's not right here!
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:Metal Gear Solid 5, MGS V
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Comment count is 16
Do you want to see glitching? THIS is gliiiiitchiiiing!!! Oooohhhh, my dog has turned into a human! His legs look all weird! He moves wrong and he's clipped through the floOOOoor! Can't you bug test it first?! And OH this cutscene is so long! Why can't I skip it? The game's like eighty hours long and it's fuuullll of gllliiittcheeessss!
infinite zest
Is this a glitch or can you customize player models upon completion like you could in MGS3? I enjoy the return of humor to an MGS game, especially after the all-too-serious Ground Zeroes.

it's people playing around with model swaps.

How the hell did the Diamond Dogs manage to survive as a species if all it takes is one pony whining for ten minutes to dismantle their entire society.


why do a bunch of cultureless bros willingly play for a team named after a homosexual protopunk glam movement?

Because they aren't as hip as you. No one is.

True. True.

infinite zest
I dunno, lots of the villains in the MGS game had a sort of Bowie in the 70s thing going on; makes sense to me.

infinite zest
Or "games" rather.. Snake was pretty much the only GI Joe in a world of metrosexual villains, with the exception of Volgin, but more on that later.

In fact, every metal gear character is David Bowie:


Oscar Wildcat
Stars for rags' incredible graphic. Also: if you vote the showertime with ocelot clip out of the hopper, the connection to homosexual protopunk glam movement becomes clearer.

As for myself, I prefer the Philly Dogs period. But who can resist Sweet Thing/Candidate...

Xenocide gets it.

infinite zest
Woah! Ragamuffin that's awesome. As for the soundtrack itself, it's cool but I wish there was more protopunk, like Dead Boys and the more sexualized NYC/British punk that logically followed Bowie, instead of Hall and Oates, A-Ha and stuff.

Then again, this is what people in Afghanistan are listening to, not necessarily the DDs themselves, except for The Cure, that particular Cure song didn't come out until the early 90s. And I really liked the Bowie cover by Ultravox, which I had never heard before.

bulb rags

Diamond Dogs, Flailing Legs.
my dog doesn't do this, i call bullshit!
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