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Category:Nature & Places
Tags:survival, Poetv watches people make stuff
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Comment count is 28
He never talks! This is an internet unicorn!
Binro the Heretic
Kind of.

There are lots of people who don't talk or comment during their videos, but they tend to be Japanese people showing off dollhouse furniture or make-it-yourself candy kits.

That's two unicorns, my statement still stands!

I wish he would talk. I went through a few of his videos and, while they're certainly interesting just as they are now, it would be nice if every now and then he offered a few words of explanation.

Binro the Heretic
You see this, preppers?

This is the guy who will survive the apocalypse. Not you.
Except a nuclear apocalypse...because everything he's working with would be contaminated by fallout

Binro the Heretic
The powers that be will never allow a nuclear apocalypse because of the economic disruption involved.

So, what? They will only allow an apocalypse that DOESN'T involve economic disruption?

Binro the Heretic
Not on a global scale. There are apocalypses happening in Africa right now.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Awesome indeed.
WATTLE and daub.

"Waddlin' Dob" sounds like an act that appeared on "Hee Haw" one time.
Still five stars for awesome, though. And he didn't even need to mix horse poop into his daub.

Fixed. Thanks for the correction. Apparently my phone's autocorrect isn't aware that the word "wattle" exists and replaced it with "waddle."

And now I just two-starred my own video.

See what I did? I'm a menace. Gonna move into a hut, which, given my craftsmanship skills, will probably be closer to a pile of mulch that I share with some earwigs.

Well, it was a long day's work, but totally worth it.

Also, dibs on this guy for my team.
It's not done until there's wifi.
Binro the Heretic
This whole channel is gold.

I highly recommend the tile roof hut video.
Oh that is good! I saw this video a while ago, but hadn't kept up with his channel. Cool stuff!

This sort of has a howtobasic vibe, except the dude is actually competent and impressive. Especially the patting of the clay into the walls. patpatpat
Looks like a good place to cry.
Robin Kestrel
I love this kind of stuff.
Is there anyone else who now, at some level, wants to give it all up and move into a wattle and daub hut?

Clearly it's not a rational impulse -- there's a reason civilization abandoned wattle and daub for central air and pizza delivery -- but damn if there isn't some sort of primal appeal to this.
Binro the Heretic
Or just build one. You don't necessarily have to give up modern life and move into it.

Our ancestors worked hard to get us out of the wilderness. If some poor primitive sap who had no choice but to live in one of these huts somehow magically heard modern people talking about wanting to leave clean, climate controlled houses for one of these things, they'd likely think we were crazy.

But yeah, building one would be a cool fun thing to do.

I wonder what sort of papers I'd have to file with the zoning commission to build one; the materials alone would confound them. Although, PVC pipe would probably be easier to work with than wattle anyway. I bet you could fill the PVC pipe with some sort of insulating material. And you could put in pink fiberglass insulation before you do the daub. A nice layer of Tyvek, perhaps some electricity and water that you run from a nearby house.

Binro the Heretic
Make it out of the real natural materials and tell them it's a garden sculpture.

Just plant some flowers around it.

That guy
As it turns out, he doesn't like sex or video games.
That's basically what he's saying, anyway.
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