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Lef - 2015-09-13

Not evil, not funny, but screw it. Abusing my privileges because it's the most human I've seen a politician in ages, and it made my eyes tear up. It's 10 minutes of love.

infinite zest - 2015-09-14

Yeah this was beautiful. I never catch the "late" shows and I often skip them when they're on here, because it's going to be Obama reading tweets about Miley Cyrus or something, and I was fully expecting Colbert's Late Show to be no different than The Report. But I'm glad I clicked and now I just want to call my dad for no particular reason just to say that I love him.

chairsforcheap - 2015-09-13

god dammit joe, i wish you'd run.

Chocolate Jesus - 2015-09-13

are you telling me the Heartfelt tag isn't active??

wtf japan - 2015-09-14

Spite stars.

Chocolate Jesus - 2015-09-14

thats all i ever wanted

Maru - 2015-09-14

you can have one spite star. i'm being stingy.

gmol - 2015-09-13

I didn't want to watch this as it feels like (to me, at least) that the celebrity-government complex is stronger than ever.

This was a nice interview.

Chocolate Jesus - 2015-09-14


Sexy Duck Cop - 2015-09-14

are you going through a divorce or something

chairsforcheap - 2015-09-14

he's always going through a divorce.

fedex - 2015-09-14

he is a divorce

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-09-14

Vice President for more than six and a half years, and he still hasn't shot anyone in the face!

EvilHomer - 2015-09-14

So... like every other Vice President, except for Cheney, who only did that once?

I guess it's a good thing that he's vice-presided over military assaults on four times the number of sovereign countries Dick & Bush were able to get involved in, otherwise we might start worrying that Biden was some kind of pussy!

P.S. How are you doing, John? I haven't seen you much lately. I hope you are feeling better now.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-09-14

I'm fine, Homer, I've been editing a huge video project.

Maru - 2015-09-14

Can anyone explain the inexplicable love and adoration for Joe Biden that materialized out of nowhere because of this stupid interview? Everyone on the planet thought this guy was a buffoon and a pervert as of two seconds ago.

Lef - 2015-09-15

My guess is because of Colbert, he's a pretty good interviewer, but then, fucking up an interview with a vice president must be hard to do.

What's wrong with loving perverts? Clinton got BJ's in the oval office, Kennedy used to donkey punch hookers in the white house Jacouzzi, Abe Lincoln was all into women's hosiery and Van Buren basically invented electro-shocking one's prostate, and they're all deeply loved presidents.

So what if BIden likes the big asses? Who doesn't?

Chocolate Jesus - 2015-09-16

his son died

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