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Desc:'we did wait way too long to get out.'
Category:Nature & Places, Nature & Places
Tags:fire, california, forest fire, wildfire
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Comment count is 9
Needed some Billy Joel or maybe The Doors, Bob Seger on the radio.

At least there's no traffic.
That guy
That's going to be video game footage in like a week.
So between the drought and the fires, how much longer til all of California is basically just Mad Max?
Meh, it's finally turning into a libertarian randfag wetdream, and has been pretty much all my life. The rich pampered fucks can just pay out the ass for their cushy lives to remain unchanged while everything around them falls apart and fucks over the less economically fortunate.

Pretty much everyone I ever knew growing up has moved out of California, myself included. Not because they didn't like it there, but because they simply couldn't afford to live comfortably there anymore.

Hey! I live in a state just like that!

"Yeah, it'll blow over."
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