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Desc:A cyborg runs around Moscow in what's billed as the first first-person-POV action film
Category:Trailers, General Station
Tags:moscow, first-person, Sharlto Copley
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Comment count is 10
badideasinaction - 2015-09-23
I regret not seeing this at TIFF's midnight madness. I saw Yakuza Apocalypse instead, which was a fun mess, but this one would have been a great crowd to see this at.
Gmork - 2015-09-23
An entire movie in the stylings of a modern FPS's in-game cinematic.

Doesn't feel like a bad thing, as far as what this movie is trying to do.
chumbucket - 2015-09-23
I think this trailer was far more enjoyable: https://youtu.be/UMnURHXFhuE
EvilHomer - 2015-09-23
Wasn't Modern Warfare the first first-person-POV action film?
infinite zest - 2015-09-23
Hold X To Go To The Lobby

Gmork - 2015-09-23
It'd be pretty boring for an action film, you're better off choosing a COD title that was actually flamboyant and over-the-top, which is pretty much ALL titles _after_ MW1. Mw2 was the title that started the endless shark-jumping sequels.

baleen - 2015-09-24
Lady in the Lake (1947) was the first 1st person action film, if you consider Raymond Chandler worthy of action.

infinite zest - 2015-09-25
Heh yeah. The way things are going though I don't think filmmakers will remember anything before The Matrix when citing their influences: I give it five years when a new movie is being billed as "The First Action Movie Made Entirely Without ANY CGI!"

infinite zest - 2015-09-23
Prodigy Music Video From The 1990s The Movie
15th - 2015-09-26
Camping Faggot tested poorly with the focus group.
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