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Desc:Said alien is voiced by Werner Herzog.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:werner herzog, penises, Rick and Morty, Chris Parnell
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Tough American Bouncer
This side plot was good, but the rest of the episode was just random garbage.
I hope they're not going to do one of these every year like a Simpsons Halloween ep or something. None of the cable sketches this time around were as funny as the best ones in the first episode.

The best part of the episode is where Summer points out exactly why these are starting to wear thin and Morty flies off the handle at her.

infinite zest
I haven't seen the episode yet (I take it this is another Channel 101 "sketch show?) but I thought last year's episode was a nice funny escape from the utterly disturbing "Rick Potion #9". That episode came as a surprise to me, and I went from thinking it was kind of a funny adult Calvin and Hobbes to something truly special, but I didn't mind a mostly plotless episode after that.

Loved the random garbage. Specifically "Tiny Bits" and "Personal Space".

Roiland clearly loves the "random garbage" sketches since it started out in house of cosby's

The first interdimensional cable TV one was pretty good, I thought, but this one was just annoying. The Jerry's Penis Donation plot was pretty good and they could have probably filled a whole episode with it. Oh well.

5 stars for rick and morty -1 for all you balding redditor killjoy fucks

Sudan no1
People didn't like this episode because it was repeating a gimmick from last season only it wasn't as good the second time around, how is being a rabid fanboy any better? And if this show isn't for big giant jumbo nerds, then who the fuck is it meant for?

For the record I hate reddit and have a full head of hair tho

One day Lotsmoreorcs is going to find out that it's possible for good shows to have flawed episodes and then his goddamn head's gonna explode.

infinite zest
I dunno, I just watched it last night so I had nearly a week to digest both opinions; I really liked it. It does have a bit of a Family Guy style, the channel flipping replacing "this reminds me of.." but they were all funny (especially Tiny Bites) and it does expand on the universe instead of taking some shot at a celebrity.

Speaking of, the Ice T thing from an earlier episode did get on my nerves, especially since it wasn't Ice T and it just wasn't funny. What, you can get Herzog but Ice T says no? That's waaaack. I'm also surprised that this was able to air on CN. I guess the Hand Banana ep of ATHF was pretty close to showing a dong on tv, but holy shit so many penises vaginas and buttholes!

infinite zest
Oh yeah spoiler alert this episode's pretty juvenile and so am I.

That guy
This bit makes me want to give this show another chance.
Hell, I'm jealous I didn't write this bit. This is my jam.
infinite zest
That Guy according to the thread above, this is another "sketch" episode with not a lot of actual plot. If you recall a year or so ago (or whenever S1 was on) there was a lot of arguing back and forth about the show because the clips from that episode were some of the first ones on here (like Gazorpazorpfield and Ants In My Eyes Electronics), and for those who didn't watch the show, their first exposure to it.

I'd recommend just starting with S2 from the beginning, for one of the best episodes. There is some continuity that bleeds over from S1, but it's not that different from starting The Simpsons around S3 or 4, which is when most people did. But hey, some people just don't like it. I was having a conversation with this person who has the same taste in music, movies, comedy, everything that I do, and I kept telling her to watch Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman because she doesn't like animation, despite the voices being actors she really likes. Anyway she was like "I've got something I need to tell you.." like she found out she was pregnant or something, but nope, just that she gave them a try and it still wasn't her cup of tea. So I don't care :)

Rodents of Unusual Size
Speaking of bits, does anyone remember the thread where we came up with sitcom ideas? I've been trying to remember where that is (it might be the POE Facebook group or somewhere here). I was thinking of continuing the ideas I had but I can't remember much.

oh shit, maybe that should be started again, because i totally have one. "Let's be Frank" and it's anne frank, pilot episode "anne learns the drums"

it's basically home alone with a colonel klink... every episode anne sends him down the garbage chute or something. "Ahhh no you hear nothing! Ve are chust doink some spring cleaning!" while they rattle pans around to mask anne learning the drums upstairs. You know?

infinite zest
This week's special guest star, Jeff Magnum

That guy
I see what you did there.

Two shows I'd watch, both geared towards pissing people off:

1) In the early days of the Nazis, an Orthodox Jew teaches Nazi propaganda to a room full of rascally but basically good-hearted Hitler Youth. Most episodes end with a valuable life lesson (about subservience to the State and the threat of the Jews) and a group hug. The elephant in the room is dealt with in perfunctory manner in the pilot episode ("vhat, I should turn down a job over politics?") and never addressed again.

2) Think of "Married ... with Children", except the father's big problem is that his hot teenage daughter keeps trying to have sex with him. Probably close to 15 years ago, Fee Fee Fi whatever helped me flesh this one out: there's a wealthy relative whose will promises to make the dad rich if only he never commits incest (not that he wanted to anyway), the wife has radical ideas about family dynamics and thinks daughter-fucking would be good for him, and his next door neighbor / best friend is a registered sex offender who only wishes he had a daughter he could nail.

Children's cartoons.
I haven't gotten into it yet. I've liked what I've seen, but I've been watching a lot of Gumball lately. Also you need to check out Steven Universe. It's brilliant.

I could probably watch Steven Broniverse without turning into a manchild, on account of all the grown-up points I've got, but I don't really feel like it. My grown-up points are better spent elsewhere.

And I'm glad you're not a Brick, Cena. The only thing worse than a Unibro is a Brick or a Bro'rty.

Steven Universe will GIVE you grownup points. Its rated TV PG and it explicitly shows that its gay characters are gay. No hiding behind punk out terms like "best friend" as MLP did with Sweetie Drops and Lyra.

Another area where SU is better than MLP is the music. I never really cared much for the songs in MLP. It baffled me that the brony community would sing them all the damn time. Now SU's music is awesome and pumps me up.

Ugh, now I know you're trolling. "Cutie Mark Crusaders" is the number one best workout song ever, and if you can't do crunches to Vinyl & Ocatvia's Dubstep Concerto, then there must be something medically wrong with you. Steven Broniverse has probably drained you of so many grownup points that now you're delusional, suffering from acute grownup-point anaemia - Dr Homer prescribes two episodes of LazyTown and one hour of doing mortgage paperwork, stat!

You almost made me reflexively one star on a rick and morty video with all this MLP crap. You monster.

Shut up and watch MLP and Steven Universe Gdork.

Yeah, Gdork, grow up.

I think I get the point, and it's very Hezoggian: The actions of all life on Earth can ultimately be traced back to mating. This is because of Darwinian fusvival of the fittest: the traits most likely to result in a specimen mating are most likely to be passed on. This is the way of all life on Earth. Humans consider themselves to be above this; they believe that they strive for greater things. They value the defeat of their base biological natures and have utterly failed at it.

infinite zest
You really Herzogied that whole thing up


Man, I did Herzog that Herzog up.

Caminante Nocturno
I think saying that humans truly understand genocide is giving us too much credit.
Prickly Pete
Should've been Paul F. Tompkins doing Werner Herzog
infinite zest
I kinda assumed it was! Holy shit Herzog does it again!

Rodents of Unusual Size
Chris Parnell is a genius at embodying characters that are not fully self-aware, kind of lost in their own denial of reality and simultaneously deluding themselves. His character in Rick and Morty is a lot more endearing than Cecil in Archer, though, and I enjoy him far more.

This show continues to amaze me. There is so much genius in television animation out there right now, between this show, Gravity Falls, Bojack Horseman, and Over the Garden Wall.
I enjoy Chris Parnell's voice so much that it actually makes me like Cecil more than I logically should.


Rodents of Unusual Size
I meant Cyril!

But that would actually make a great joke on Archer if people just forgot his name and called him Cecil, like the lion who got killed by the dentist.

I still miss the glory days of Dr. Spaceman, though :(


Great, great cameo in an otherwise god-awful episode.
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