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Desc:Isn't that a CHICKEN in there with you?!
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Wizard of Oz, chicken, Return to Oz, 3, scarred for life
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Comment count is 19
Press 3 if this movie fucked you up as a kid. 3
Jimmy Labatt
3. I was so damaged by this movie as a child.
#3. Thanks, dad.
3. This movie had enough nightmare fuel to go to the moon and back.
I was old enough when it came out to not be affected by it but watching it NOW might mess me up.
sudan no1
3. For some reason I remembered the wheelers as unicyclists, this is sort of disappointing.
I read the OZ books as a kid after seeing the MGM film but long before seeing this one. When this came out I was stoked because it came so close to getting everything right.

Any movie which starts out with an insane child who can't put a dream out of her mind to the point that she gets electroshock therapy is a +5 in my book.
Those actors had to be outstanding athletes to carry that off.
The hallway full of screaming heads used to scare the piss out of me.
Big Muddy
The Cirque de Soleil of kids horror.
3. I had forgotten about all this.
3. wtfamerica
Fuck yeah! I loved this movie. They almost got the feeling of Oz down pat.
Such delicious nightmare fuel! I think I lost 0/1 SAN when I watched it.

3. I had to be carried, screaming and bawling, out of the theater. I was maybe six.
FUCK. The wheelers didn't scare me, but watching one die sure did. How his head falls in half... Ugh.
Syd Midnight
aahaha now I'm getting electroshock at a local hospital, it really does kinda work though, if you're suicidal you should give it a try, its difficult to explain but it works, it does kinda cheer you up a bit

I guess the brain has a self repair mode that turns on after seizures + my Dr uses ketamine as an anesthetic which is pretty awesome in and of itself, so it probably happens like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti6KHnPfOtI
im all like "crank it up high doc; in fact you'd better kill me"
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