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Desc:Monster Brains is doing a thing on these.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:hell, Thailand, theme park
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Comment count is 17
Who built this and why, I wonder.

to fuck with us

Ancient Xtains

Buddhist monks built them, to illustrate the various punishments people may face in Naraka (Buddhist Hell). There are a number of these "theme parks" in Thailand; if you are interested in learning more, here is a blog post with plenty of links:

http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/07/buddhist-hell-gardens -in-thailand.html

That guy
Buddhism's trying to have it both ways, isn't it?

"Both ways" in what sense?

That guy
As in, the folk religion side of it seems to just be stapled and duct taped to the philosophy side.

That guy
It is a religion with supernatural in it vs. it isn't and there isn't.

I just figured only the sage, loving, non-materialistic, philosophical side made it to the west. When eastern religions were gaining popularity in the west I don't think they wanted the hell and demons part with it. These were people getting out of American Christianity.

Yeah, what Cena said! The thing with Buddhism is that, as a meme, it's very good at grafting itself on to whatever society it travels to. America got a watered down non-religion that was inoffensive to Christians and science-fearing atheists alike, but only because that's what Americans wanted Buddhism to be - in truth, Buddhism has always had deep "religious" and "supernatural" elements, and the notion that Buddhism is inherently atheistic has little or no support outside of California.

I have a good word for it. Buddhism became Oprah-cized, when it came to the States.

That is a great word. Do you mind if I use it from now on?

Nope. Oprah-cizing is a menace to society. I'm a tea lover, and was disgusted to hear of Oprah trying to Oprah-cize tea with her own Teavanna (which was already overpriced fruit infused rubbish) tea line. I read an article about it and her quotes were just Oprah.

Could be worse.
The new Kidrobot line is pretty out there.
Well there seems to be a theme and it is a park, so it kind of fits the bill.
Rodents of Unusual Size
So what are the midway games like?
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