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Desc:high school football hijinx from the greater dallas fort worth area
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:high school, black people, dallas, drill, dance off
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Comment count is 21
Ok, Melissa, now do the narrative as if those kids were white. Remember to avoid the word "melee".
infinite zest
This Dance-Off tragically would end in a Set-To..

That guy
What are you talking about kingarthur? You're hearing dogwhistle on this? I'm not.

Of course he is.

And let's be real, white people having a dance off that results in a brawl is a thing that would never happen. We brawl over sports.

infinite zest
Before video games co-opted the word, "melee" was a pretty serious term, up there with "massacre." Basically, in a melee heads would roll, not hair be pulled and names be called. Not sure how relevant it is to anything, but if you get caught putting underpants on a flagpole that's a "prank" that's going on your record, not "vandalism of school property." It's a strong word to use for something that happens at most high schools every friday night, on or off the football field.

Binro the Heretic
School pride and hormone-soaked brains are always a dangerous combination.
The Mothership
"There were extensions everywhere Heather, it was chaos."

Also, that was a pretty mild-mannered run-of-the-mill dance battle that was kicked off into a fight when Fatty McSparklepants' friend COMPLETELY overreacted to a challenge.
That guy
Wait, what? You're blaming blue team for this?

The Mothership
Of course I am; physical contact in a dance battle is not out of order. They escalated when they realized they couldn't dance at the other team's level.

That guy
I guess I know nothing of these 'dance battles'.

The blue team was just jelly the grey team brought it on so hard
That guy
Ahn-ah girl. Hell no. Grey got all hyphy.

Someone got served.
'DISD released a statement saying "Impromptu dance-offs are not part of the approved performance for dance teams. Disciplinary actions will be taken as appropriate." '

Sounds like THE KIDS were the ones who got served, by the crusty-old DISD.

You know what happens next, right? The two dance squads learn to set aside their differences, and together, fight back against the Dallas ISD with a campaign of brutal renegade dance-offs.

infinite zest
I always wanted a sequel to West Side Story; Phantom of the Opera did it, c'mon Sondheim while we're young!

They're cheer-dance fighting!
Melissa Cutler is about the most Texas-looking person I've seen in a while, incidentally.
Wow. That was my exact thought. The most texas face I've seen since w

I like how they explained turning one's back on another is disrespectful. No shit.
Why are black girls wearing white-girl-colored tights?
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