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Desc:And that's it, ladies and gentilemen. We've reached the peak of video games.
Category:Trailers, Arts
Tags:ACTING!, Coast Guard THE GAME, serious voice!
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Comment count is 20
Hey Cena, I notice they used your likeness at 0:47; did they pay you, or was it deemed parodic?
Also, is that a regulation Coast Guard uniform, because it's AWESOME.

All the dramatic VO and music building up to that shot made me think this was a joke.

The game is called "Coast Guard". It sure as hell ain't the USCG. The guy called his vessel a "ship", we don't have ships in the USCG. I have no idea who that guy in 0:47 is. He's probably some fat civilian contractor.

infinite zest
Also on land or on sea, no person would wear medical gloves when using their iDroid or whatever that thing is. Have you ever tried to do it? Because I have and it's like dragging a dead horse to water lemme tell ya

They're special Coast Guard spec gloves, way better than anything you civilians can get access to.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Can't wait for the Dodge the Draft DLC to come out where you can play the son of a rich prominent family and serve your time on a cutter in US coastal waters versus the jungles of 'Nam with all of the other suckers.
There hasn't been a draft in a long time. You can't talk about modern coasties like they're cowardly draft dodgers.

Cena, not everybody is talking about you.

infinite zest
Just wait until Square announces a new Bouncer game and we'll see who's talking about whom.

When the Coast Guard's involved it is about me, bouncing too.

Rodents of Unusual Size
The Bounce Guard

That guy
Finn Astaire?

Also, how old is that daughter boat, because she's looking 'seaworthy', if you know what I mean...
Rodents of Unusual Size
Regular sea waves don't make me dizzy but the CGI ones are doing so. Weird.
infinite zest
Yeah they're really choppy but in a different way.

I just want to know who on this site made the game, and are you paying Cena any royalties?
Fred Astaire? Tap dancing his way to interdicting narcotic supply chains.
Even the NPC couldn't make it halfway through without turning away and looking at his phone.
This looks awesome. I don't know why you queers are so upset. Finna stare at some hot refugee bitches ya hear me
NCIS font
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