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Desc:The whole thing, absolutely wonderful.
Category:Short Films, Science & Technology
Tags:documentary, Captain Power
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Comment count is 7
misterbuns - 2015-10-07
i fucking loved this as a little kid
Bobonne - 2015-10-07
I never actually watched an episode when it was airing, due to sheer happenstance of scheduling and the hectic life of a child. But I remember all the outcry they mented via Peggy whatsername.

...I'll have to try and find a torret. It actually looks interesting.
Nominal - 2015-10-07
It's probably the most effort and writing talent put into a toy commercial show ever. Right up there with Exo Squad.

Jesus, no kids show would ever feature something like digitizing* today. Avatar was a great cartoon but even they majorly pussied out from even broaching the realities of war, a subject that Exo Squad did a fantastic job with.

Nominal - 2015-10-07
* converting humans from flesh to digital data, like Tron, except the process fired every pain receptor in the body. It was mentioned the villain would repeatedly do it to torture prisoners until they broke.

My favorite Captain Power line: Scout is under fire trying to escape a building rigged to blow but the front door's locked. Captain Power plants a charge to blow it open and tells him to count to 5.

Scout: "Onetwothreefourfive!!!!!" *has to wait 3 more seconds*

gmol - 2015-10-07
(why torrent when you can just download off of youtube?)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eAA9rKZc-U&list=PL632DEFF5485 C77A6

I recall that line as well. My favorite is this one:

"Yes, I think. First there was darkness but now I think all the time. I fight and I think, I fly and I think... and I listen to the voices and I find something in my program that I do not understand. There is something in the dark..."

It certainly whooshed over my head as a child, but the writers obviously adumbrated a deeper story. I found some fan site somewhere that explained the plan for the future episodes involved a hidden program in Soaron that would activate and to revolt (kill?) against Dread (who Overmind was keeping an eye on with Lakkey).

takewithfood - 2015-10-08
I loved this show so much, there was nothing like it on TV. And I think Jessica Steen (Pilot) was my first crush.
EvilHomer - 2015-10-08
Is this a real thing? I have never heard of it.
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