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Desc:Sylvester Stallone training to bring down COMMUNISM
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:80s, russia, Rocky, Soviet Union, Drago
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Comment count is 16
One of the best training montages EVER.
Killer Joe
Oh, fuck! Drago was doing steroids the whole time! Did you guys see that?!?
He must crush you.
Did Rocky have to run all the way up there just to get away from those guys in the car?
The song used in this montage is epic.
It was actually done by the guy who did the Transformers soundtrack. Which is REALLY obvious if you compare the two.

Hot bastard thats how you make a montage
The average heavyweight's punch is actually 4,000 PSI. That's sooo fake.
Wasn't the USSR on the metric system though?
In Soviet Russia, steroids do you! I'm going to hell for that.
Daughters of Uzbek
Drago was evil because he used technology to train.
Nick C.
COMMUNIST technology. That is technology that is twice as evil.
Rambo vs. He-Man. Tough shit.
Torture the Artist
I just watched Rocky and had forgotten exactly what a fucking joke he eventually became.

See, he's climbing a mountain because he has a big boxing match with the communist who killed Apollo Creed and...
Pie Boy
-00:16 to the end really needs a big fat DO NOT WANT subtitle.
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