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Desc:Trigger warning: spooky skeleton
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:death, sitcom, Chris Elliott, get a life, postmodernism
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That guy
Trigger warning: Fatal Tonsillitis.
I used to really hate Elliot but have grown to appreciate his dopey humor as I've grown older.

0:24-0:27 really works especially with the laugh track timing, go figure.
Sounds like you're probably ready to properly appreciate FDR: A One Man Show

^ what chumbucket said. I can't get over how that one made me laugh.

I also cannot get over the fact that Fox showed this on Sundays at 8:30pm.

Not for long, I watched most of the original run and it moved to around midnight almost as fast as Duckman.

His books are amazing fun, especially Into Hot Air which is (obviously) a parody of Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air.

Wow! An Into Thin Air parody? I have GOT to check that out. Leave it to Chris.

infinite zest
FDR's great but the Marv Albert parts get old kinda quick, like Marv's not sure why he's there. I've got a similar problem with Eagleheart, even though it's as close to Action Family as I'll probably ever get to see.

john ritter's wife is giving me boners from the past

The Mothership
Damn, I'd forgotten about all of these. Come to think of it, Get A Life was a pretty freaky weird show man.
infinite zest
Yeah it's the first sitcom I really remember watching when I was a kid, so I just thought all shows operated like this and the early days of the Simpsons. I set myself up for a life of disappointment.

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