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Desc:An obvious mashup, but these are still better than Ultron's actual lines in the movie.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Avengers, red letter media, james spader
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Binro the Heretic
I really should get around to watching "Community" at some point.
Binro the Heretic
I probably should have mentioned "The Office" always reminds me to watch "Community" because I avoided "Community" because it looked like a clone of "The Office". I avoided "Parks & Rec" for the same reason.

But people I trust have led me to believe "Community" is not like "The Office."

Of course, a few of those same people told me I would like "American Beauty" so I'm wary of their judgement.

infinite zest
Is that what these are from? Since I love Rick and Morty and enjoyed Harmonville I should check it out too. The mockumentary thing was getting pretty old to the point where I couldn't watch Trailer Park Boys anymore because of the inconsistencies of the style. One minute Ricky wants to be alone with a gun on the boom mic guy and the next it's back to filming an armed robbery like no big deal we're filming it. But then I remembered I was watching a TV show and laughed at funny canada people.

As for this video, it saved me however long Av3ngers 4 or whatever is, so thanks Red Letter Media and have a great day!

So basically you have shit taste in everything. Gotcha.

Sexy Duck Cop
Community and The Office are not even remotely similar. Community is a surreal, stylistic meta-sitcom that wears its heart on its sleeve. It starts out like a normal (albeit above-average) sitcom, but over time, does some impossibly imaginative, hilarious conceptual episodes. For example, there's a Christmas special done in stop-motion, a schoolwide game of Hot Lava that degenerates into a post-apocalyptic struggle for survival, a Wild West-themed paintball shootout, and so on, all filtered through the mind of an autistic Muslim.

The Office is an intentionally reserved look at relationships in the workplace. It starts off pretty grounded, but by the time James Spader replaced Steve Carrell it had gotten pretty slapsticky. Still, The Office has some of the goddamned funniest lines since early Simpsons, and Steve Carrell is an absolute delight as the lonely, middle-aged boss who desperately wants to be his employees' cool dad.

infinite zest
Oh this is from the Office? For some reason I thought the show had gone Flintstones and Ricky Gervais took over until the show ended.. James Spader's always fun.

Community sucked, Parks and Rec was even worse. In fact, I hate both.

This is from the Office, but the terrible years of the Office. Parks and Rec started in concept as an offshoot of the Office but it completely changed by the time it was actually made. Only the first few episodes have any similarity in tone to the Office, the entire first season (only 7 episodes) can be skipped as the show is quite different season 2 on, and is excellent. Community is good in its own way and is nothing like either the Office or Parks. The only part of the venn diagram that overlaps for any of them is the single camera, non laugh track format.

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