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Desc:felt, a feminist hipster rape culture slasher critique has IMDB neckbrdz n a tizzy, is still garbage
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:feminism, hipsters, Felt, penis envy, unwatchable schlock
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Comment count is 3
Slumber Party Massacre still has the "feminist critique of slasher movies" thing handled, thank you very much.
Doc Victor
Another trust-funded art school dropout masterpiece. 10:1 Will be in the criterion collection in six months. As a side note, surprised to see nobody had the nuts to link that last tag, meaningfully or otherwise.
That guy
I'm calling shenanigans on your "has IMDB neckbrdz n a tizzy" claim.
There is nothing like a neckbeard tizzy going on over there. IMDb boards absolutely go off when something's up. That board is basically quiet.

I'm sure this movie sucks as you claim, and as it appears from this scene. But at least they tried something weird as fuck, even if they failed.
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