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Old_Zircon - 2015-10-19

Well he didn't.

infinite zest - 2015-10-19

10 years later, and I don't care about Kanye West

Cena_mark - 2015-10-19

The good thing about Jeb running for president will be the early destruction of W's legacy. When the other candidates want to get Jeb, all they have to do is shit on W. Trump is doing it right now in saying W's incompetence let 9-11 happen. Already you haven't had any of the GOP candidates defend the war in Iraq, and that's what he based his whole fucking presidency on. I loved Kanye for doing this. It really pissed off the College Republicans at my school, who I hated (cause I was libertarian DAMMIT).

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2015-10-19

"My brother kept us safe"


Binro the Heretic - 2015-10-19

Neither did just about anyone else.

I broke off friendships with people I'd known for years because of the ignorant racist bullshit they spouted off about the victims of Katrina.

-O- "They should have left the city BEFORE the hurricane."

With WHAT, mother-fucker? A road trip takes money. Do you have any concept what poverty is? I've had to live hand-to-mouth myself from time to time. A sudden unexpected expense of less that fifty dollars can be devastating to someone in those circumstances.

So how is a family with no a car and no money supposed to pick up and leave their home for even a few days, let alone the length of time people had to be evacuated from New Orleans?

And where they fuck could they go? When they tried to evacuate post-hurricane, Arthur Lawson, the police chief of Gretna, Louisiana had his officers and the officers of Jefferson Parish and Crescent City Connection seal a main bridge and fire their weapons at the heads of people trying to leave. because "There was no place for them to come on our side."

So imagine if a whole bunch of black people with hardly any money had showed up somewhere before the storm struck. They would have been run off or brutalized or arrested or killed or some combination thereof.

-O- "They just shat anywhere they wanted to and threw their garbage everywhere and ruined the Superdome."

No, you stupid fuckwit. Flooding filled the Superdome with water, sewage & garbage. And that's where the authorities told the victims of Katrina to make themselves comfortable.

And no, there was no dead baby left in a toilet in the Superdome neither were there little girls being raped in there. After all the bullshit stories about what a Hellhole the Superdome had become, gleefully spread on every cable news network, there were only six fatalities; four deaths by natural causes, one drug overdose and one suicide.

The media spread the stories about alleged savagery and racist assholes happily lapped it up. Which bring me to...

-O- "A sniper shot at the rescue workers."

No, a natural gas safety valve occasionally bled out the built-up pressure in the tank, as it was designed to do. The sudden release of the gas was accompanied by a sharp report that some people mistook for a gunshot.

It was soon identified as harmless, but the news never retracted the story and, in fact, kept reporting it as a sniper.

-O- "Armed gangs took over."

Sort of. There were a few armed black citizens who took it upon themselves to maintain order and protect people. You'd think gun rights advocates would want them to get a medal, but no.

The real gangs were the cops, who ended up murdering two people and wounding four others.

But hey, it's ALL BETTER NOW. Most of the poor of New Orleans who were relocated in the days following Katrina still can't afford to return there. And lots of big companies have big plans to turn it into a real tourist town.

Kanye West has said many stupid things.

This was not one of them.

Potrod - 2015-10-19

"And lots of big companies have big plans to turn it into a real tourist town."

Binro the Heretic - 2015-10-19

Yes, lots more hotels & casinos and "historical" districts that would basically be Disneyland versions of New Orleans.

And they won't even have to push a lot of poor people out of the way to build this shit. Not that they mind pushing poor people out to build shit, but paying public relations firms to tell the public you're not an asshole for pushing poor people out to build your shit cuts into your profits.

Void 71 - 2015-10-19

Cities all over the country are being gentrified by left-leaning swipples. If it wasn't Katrina, it would have been the trustafarians, IT nerds, and other white-collar professionals who are moving back to the city and buying 0K condos in neighborhoods that used to be war zones.

It's not like poor blacks are being thrown on the street. They're just being relocated to the suburbs via the Section 8 program so wealthy whites and asians can reclaim all of the convenient urban neighborhoods.

Maru - 2015-10-19

Binro is all over this shit.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-10-19

Void 71,

It would be just as tragic if the long-time residents of New Orleans had been pushed out by gentrification.

You talk about poor neighborhoods being "War Zones". What exactly do you mean? Do you mean they just have that "bombed-out" look? Do you mean actual gang warfare? Do these problems disappear by magic just because all the poor people are relocated?

No, it happens because the presence of law enforcement becomes more visible and because building codes & sanitation codes start being enforced.

So why can't we do those things to make the neighborhoods better for the poor?

Void 71 - 2015-10-19

Those are questions you need to ask the wealthy limousine liberals who are 'urban planning' poor blacks and hispanics out of some of the most left-leaning cities in the country, including 'Chiraq', which has been under Democrat rule for a century.

Actions speak louder than words, and their actions are sending a very clear message: "Multiculturalism is great as long as it isn't in my backyard."

memedumpster - 2015-10-20

Void71 doesn't care about black people.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-10-20

Void 71,

You can't fall back on, "Yeah, well liberals do it, too!" as a debate tactic for the rest of your life.

I am asking you a simple question; why don't we keep poor neighborhoods as safe and clean as middle and upper class neighborhoods?

Here's another one; Why, when we do clean up and protect poor neighborhoods do we allow the landlords who own the property in those neighborhoods to suddenly jack up the rent and push the poor out that way?

SolRo - 2015-10-20

I know that one!

Because landlords and their associations bribe politicians a lot better than poor people do.

Void 71 - 2015-10-20

>>I am asking you a simple question; why don't we keep poor neighborhoods as safe and clean as middle and upper class neighborhoods?

That's a question for the people who live there. All I can say is that there were some really dire hollers near the small working-class town where I grew up and none of them had anywhere near the violent crime problem that urban ghettos have. Maybe it's because poor southern whites don't do the gang thing. At worst, they become pill-snorting juggalos.

>>Here's another one; Why, when we do clean up and protect poor neighborhoods do we allow the landlords who own the property in those neighborhoods to suddenly jack up the rent and push the poor out that way?

Because white and asian yuppies, most of whom consider themselves to be culturally liberal, are willing to tolerate a high rent/property tax/real estate burden to keep blacks out of their neighborhoods. The market is responding to the demands of ideologically dishonest pod people who don't practice what they preach.

Raggamuffin - 2015-10-20

5 4 Binro

Binro the Heretic - 2015-10-20

Void 71, I've lived all my life, approaching half a century, in predominantly rural areas. Violent crime doesn't SEEM to be a problem in places like this, but it is. the nature of the violence is different, though. It's often directed at family members or people living under the same roof. The victims tend not to involve the authorities in such incidents for various reasons. It seems like violence is not as big a problem simply because the violence isn't being reported and tracked.

And I'm guessing if we were to gather up all the scattered impoverished families of this sprawling place and make them all live in a concentrated area of a few square blocks, it wouldn't be long before they started becoming violent with people outside of their families.

And in the inner cities you have the added elements of organized crime and illegal drugs. The cash flow from narcotics is vital to the survival of street gangs and they will kill each other over territorial disputes and innocents will get caught in the crossfire.

Poor people are not inherently more violent than anyone else. They are stressed. When people feel insecure, when they can't be sure of having food, shelter & clothing from one day to the next, they tend to act in irrational ways. They beat their spouse. They beat their kids. They lash out at neighbors over minor disagreements. Even if a poor family manages to remain civil, they are still stressed by their own anxieties and by the frightening behavior of their neighbors. It builds up until even the best people lose control.

Why, in the name of all humanity are we not protecting people from this? This is a major threat to our citizens' physical & emotional health. Why aren't we forbidding companies from shutting down profitable factories because the owners can make a little more money relocating overseas or, even worse just over to another state?

Why aren't we demanding all cities maintain a certain ratio of low-rent housing? Why aren't we demanding high and low value properties be mixed in with one another? Why do we continue to let things like greenspaces and access to water be hoarded by the affluent while the poor are forced to live in decay and pollution?

Politicians talk big about "protecting" Americans. They're going to protect them from crime. They're going to protect them from terrorism. They're going to protect them from Sharia law. They're going to protect them from Mexicans out to steal their jobs. Why aren't they talking about protecting us from internal threats?

How "protected" can people feel if they're living one paycheck away from poverty and they can, through no fault of their own, suddenly lose their home or livelihood?

Maru - 2015-10-20

This is why we need to distinguish between "liberal" and "leftwing", since "liberalism" is totally compatible with every form of rightwing economics.

cognitivedissonance - 2015-10-21

The thing is? Gentrification as we understand it only exists in the Anglosphere. European inner cities have always been where the upper crust prefer to live, moving the poor to suburbs and planned communities (which aren't any better, but it has an out of sight out of mind thing). The British put up housing blocs and the Americans engaged in White Flight. The wealthy have always preferred to live centrally urban, it's just a Post-War aberration in America.

Not excusing it, just pointing that out.

That guy - 2015-12-17

Maru that's not true. Hijacked liberalism is compatible, sure... but...

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-10-19

Oh, god!


Bort - 2015-10-19

::phones all start ringing::

SolRo - 2015-10-20

Oh boy.

gravelstudios - 2015-10-20

How in the world did it take this long for someone to think of submitting this. I can't believe it's not a dupe.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-10-20

I think it's one of those cases where everyone thought, "Oh, this has to be on PoETV already." and didn't bother submitting it.

Gmork - 2015-10-20

5 stars

jfcaron_ca - 2015-10-20

I only found out about this after Googling "george bush black people" after the Last Week Tonight episode on the Canadian election, because I didn't get the reference.

SolRo - 2015-10-20

It's been on the site before, I'm almost certain. Maybe got lost in the series of tubes

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-10-22

I've seen it here too but it might not have tags.

Stars forever for Mike Myers becoming more uncomfortable on screen than anyone ever

themilkshark - 2015-10-20

Mike Myer's ugly ass 90's hair

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-10-21

Give him a break, he's Canadian.

TeenerTot - 2015-10-20

It's satisfying to see Mike Meyers as uncomfortable as I am watching his films.

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