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Desc:One of dozens of endings that include lumberjack to a demon princess.
Category:Video Games
Tags:harlot, Princess Maker, Princess Maker 2, life sim, pimpin aint easy mane
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 12
Pretty sure you have to work pretty hard to get this ending.

Most of mine turned out to be great generals, once I learned the trick to get endless duels (and thus increases to combat stats) without using up turns by going shopping.
Whose dick do I have to suck around here to get the Harlot ending???

Oh, okay, that guy's. Thanks, GameFAQS!

Jet Bin Fever
I want to see Arino play this game and get this ending. His reactions are priceless.
LegendKnight93 fr 2 r sedan
this game sounds exciting even for a male to play. Is there a way to download it?

yeah I am pretty sure the main demographic is the creepy old man demographic for these games. groomers, is it?
Caminante Nocturno
You can also have her go out into the desert, beat up a dragon, and then marry it.
Robin Kestrel
Apparently one of the 74 possible ending professions is "Bondage Queen".
Two Jar Slave
The alleyways... maybe I'll just go look.
MacGyver Style Bomb
There's a whole series of these games. And since this is from Gainax, there's also versions for Rei Ayami and Shinji Ikari.
infinite zest
The Shinji one's gotta be pretty easy, just don't do anything at all and you win!

MacGyver Style Bomb
Well, you do have the option of pairing him up with Kaworu to a far more blatantly open level.

infinite zest
18 years old and doesn't know what to do with her life? I'm 33 and have no idea! Try Philosophy Major Maker next.
At long last, someone made a video game adaption of this:

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