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Desc:so there was ham and an incident related to it
Category:Science & Technology, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:ham, Patton Oswalt, skynet, ham week
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Comment count is 12
infinite zest
One of, if not my favorite, Patton bits.
Friend of mine has "I WANT ALL THE HAM." as his 'new text message' sound. It's never not funny.
infinite zest
Oh, ringtones, where did you go? Riding the bus without headphones used to be so much fun..

We traded all our ringtones for ham.

Between this and his "PUT MORE POTATOES IN THE BOWL" routine, I think it's clear that Patton Oswalt is never better than when he's baffled at gross fat Americans.

Someone please get Patton Oswalt a free vacation to the deep south. Think of the stories.
infinite zest
I dunno if I can find it and I'm probably telling it wrong, but there's a bit where Patton was working on.. something.. in the midwest and I guess his makeup lady also did work for KFC commercials and they all loved his Failure Pile bit down at KFC HQ

Bort am find for you:


infinite zest
Thanks Bortbot! I did screw it up but it seems like the more he trashes KFC the more free shit he gets. I wonder if at one point they asked Patton to be Colonel Sanders, since they were seemingly going down the list of semi-publicly recognizable comedians. Because I don't eat meat, I hate the smell of KFC, but fuck yes if that wouldn't be exactly what I would suggest if I worked in their marketing dept.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Patton Oswalt gets all the stars.
infinite zest
I'll trade you those stars for Xeno's ringtones.. now what do I do with all the ham?

Rodents of Unusual Size
Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

Caminante Nocturno

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