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Meerkat - 2015-10-29

Weasels are way too small to eat a pig.

infinite zest - 2015-10-29

Did you watch the video? This one is big and can easily swallow a pig. Maybe you're thinking of Small Weasels.

EvilHomer - 2015-10-29

Yeah Meerket. A -regular- weasel is way too small to eat a pig, but Byron is not a regular weasel. Byron is an -anthro- weasel, as large as, if not slightly larger than, the anthro weasels of the Toon Patrol.

Meerkat - 2015-10-29

Pffft. There's no way in hell I can suspend enough belief to believe a weasel could be that big. In the first place the skeletal structure would no way hold up that much mass; the hind legs would simply fold under the weight and the flexible spine enjoyed so much by our slinky brethren would snap like a very brittle fishing rod trying to reel in a killer whale while it is flipping a seal or dolphin or porpoise.

In the second place the throat would not expand enough without completely shattering all the cartilage and the stomach would simply burst after pushing the lungs out through the chest and don't even get me started on where the diaphragm would end up.

EvilHomer - 2015-10-30

That's an interesting theory you have... but unfortunately, that's all it is: a theory. We've seen what happens when Byron the Weasel tries to eat Ernst the Pig. The evidence does not support your theory, and when theory and evidence are in conflict, the theory must be changed.

My guess is that Byron, like most voreacious anthros, has a musculoskeletal system similar to that of a snake. Clearly, their bones are built both stronger, and less numerous/ more flexible, than the bones of a standard animal. When he swallows prey, Byron's ribs and internal organs can move to accommodate his meal. This theory is supported by our observations - the stomach bulge at the end indicates that material within his chest cavity is no impediment to his feeding behavior, and no "rupturing" of any kind has taken place.

As for his legs snapping, why do you think he lies down for the final minute or so? Most voreacious anthros display similar behavior; after finishing a meal, they will either sit or lie on their sides, prominently displaying their stomach bulges. Obviously, this is done, at least in part, to take stress off their legs.

RedRust - 2015-10-29

Kind of like Templeton's binge eating in "Charlottes Web"

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