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Desc:Norman Greenbaum, of 'spirit in the sky' fame, in a more secular vein
Tags:ham, Norman Greenbaum
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 9
I used to hear this on Dr. Demento but I never realized who it was.
Boomer The Dog
I have to bark that I think that 'Ham Week' has lived up to its premise, being that some theme 'weeks' die out in a few days or after a few videos.

Is Spam eligible? If so, upload Monty Python's Spam Song.

You mean you had to "oink", right?

Spam Song sounds good. You should do the honors, Boomham!

Actually, that just got me thinking: what would animals dress up as for Halloween? Assuming they were in charge, I mean, and not just pets being dressed by their owners. Do you think the animals would dress up like other animals? Like dogs dressing up and pretending to be pigs? Obviously, some of them would dress up like ghost animals and skeleton animals and vampire animals etc etc, but I think that you'd see a lot of cross-species costumes, too. Perhaps a few of them would even dress up like humans!

If you were 100% talking dog, what would you do for HOWLoween?

John Holmes Motherfucker
Call me a purist, but Spam is not Ham. On the other hand, Monty Python is never a bad thing.

Spam is not ham, but it contains ham. It is a hyrbid meat that includes ham (leg cut), pork shoulder, and non-meat filler.

It counts.

My dog is going to be Satan for halloween. That is, until he knocks his horns off and eats them.

Robin Kestrel
I've got a friend in Hormel.
This and ZZ Top's TV Dinner win an award for great songs about depressing foods.
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