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Desc:We've been distracted by Ham week, its almost Halloween.
Category:Religious, Arts
Tags:Halloween, christians, Hell house
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Comment count is 14
That guy
I like the devil's legalese and the epic hammy acting. The local dinner theater thanked these guys for their auditions and never quite called them back. You might even say that acting... is.... INFERNAL.

I love how no one with these kinds of religious beliefs ever discusses the horrible, terrible theological implications of this shit.

And you're right Cena, it IS almost Halloween.
Yeah, almost Halloween.
It WAS almost Halloween. I wonder how many active members we have. When that number drops below seven, nothing will ever leave the hopper again.

And in case you're wondering, registrations got fixed ages ago; support/pms/pmspoe/our own personal Master Control Program never actually announced it.
infinite zest
Shoot.. I should've paid more attention to the Hopper this week; I totally didn't see this. And I totally would've voted this up because it's one of my favorite documentaries. I saw it initially because I really like Bedhead, who do the soundtrack and that it'd just be a funny "lol Christians" doc, but I got a lot more out of it than I normally get out of docs. If you haven't seen it, do. And happy Halloween!

For my part, I've taken to only voting on videos in the hopper that I am really enthusiastic about, and there haven't been many lately.

infinite zest
Oh actually this isn't from the documentary. That one's more fucked up: this is just kind of "I decided to be an atheist" or "I decided not to go to Church" stuff, but one of the girls in the doc plays a young rape victim who got an abortion, so she's down in hell too.. shit like that.

And they're all so excited to be doing it like cheerleaders who just made the team, and Halloween's their homecoming moment to shine.

That guy
It's sock puppet time!!

I need to find one of these to go to next year.
infinite zest
There's one not far from my parents' house in Portland. It's a big live-in Christian Trailer Park all year round. I think everybody's homeschooled and last time I was going by there they were building an actual Ark.

I went in there once because someone had a free futon frame posted on craigslist, and I immediately thought that I'd never come out. I'm guessing the HellHouse is the least scary time of the year to be in there.

I went to one as a kid. My upbringing was moderately religious, we celebrated Halloween. I went with a friend and his family. I thought it was cool at the time. They all seem to follow the same format. Its more a like a play than anything, it introduces the characters, a tragedy kills them, then there's a judgement scene where they're sent to heaven or hell, you go to hell, then you go to heaven. At the end you are greeted by prayer councelers ready to convert the freshly terrified group.

There were many reasons I fell out of this religion. Chief among them, I've realized, is that I just got tired of being afraid all the time.
For You.

Jet Bin Fever
We call them "Redemption Houses" around here. They are terrible!
Satan looks like kind of a bitch.

Where's Lordi when you need them?
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