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Desc:the very last john cena joke ever
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Sports
Tags:wwe, scooby doo, john cena
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Comment count is 17
Who the fuck even *is* John Cena and why is his name so funny to everyone?
He was a French actor who starred in a bunch of early silent films, mostly slapstick comedies about firemen, but he also made a couple arthouse pictures in the 1930s.

His name is funny because it is the source of the saying, "Cena evil, hearna evil." This is funny because John Cena is not evil, just overexposed.

Evilhomer forgot to mention that his early success in the medium was actually where the Cenema got its name.

Caminante Nocturno
I think this is the first time I've ever heard this music used in something other than a parody.
I'm wondering if maybe the music was added in by the uploader, in order to make this a parody.

I saw this scene on TV once. It is entirely unedited.
infinite zest
So, do Daphne and Cena ever hook up? Or do we need to wait for the DeviantArt on that one?

all I could find John Cena tickle fetish fiction.

http://tammy5679.deviantart.com/journal/John-Cena-Tickled-2609 15011

Binro the Heretic
How did the boulder steer itself around that curve?
I like how the midair collision almost stops it rolling before he even gets his feet on the ground. I know carton physics and all but I like o think they were going for accuracy and Cena just has mass comparable to a boulder that size.


See, people in the Internet Wrestling Community complain about Cena's Superman like booking, and here he is doing a superhuman feat straight out of a Superman cartoon.
Two Jar Slave
Things I know about John Cena:

1. When someone mentions the name "John Cena" as a non-sequitur on Reddit, someone else generally follows it up with three little pictures of trumpets.

2. This video, which may or may not be related to item 1.
Two more than I know.

John Cena currently holds the world record for Make-A-Wish Foundation appearances.

Two Jar Slave
That's three things. I should mention that I also know he's a WWE wrestler, so that makes four. My knowledge is expanding exponentially.

infinite zest
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