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Desc:Don't you touch his broccoli.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:Eating, pug, growl, broccoli
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Comment count is 16
Binro the Heretic
If he was a rescue dog, the shelter would have to put him down.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
So that's where the Witcher 3 team got sounds for drowners.
MacGyver Style Bomb
You poor broken thing, you can have as much broccoli as you want.
infinite zest
Sorry to spoil the cuteness, but aren't greens like broccoli a leading cause for aspiration in this little guys?
Everything on the planet is a leading cause for aspiration in this little guys.

It's weird that animal rights people's arguments almost always hinge on suffering, but they don't support euthanizing these poor, miserable animals that we've bred into dumb, mean, wheezing parodies of themselves.
That is, if you think it's wrong to torture animals, you should also support humanely putting small dogs to death because their lives are torture.

They aren't aware that their lives are torture. I totally support not breeding the little fuckers though.

They're pretty dumb, and they certainly wheeze, but I've never met a mean pug in my life. And I've owned one.

Same here, except for the owning part. I'm sure a pug with a bad owner could turn out mean but mostly they just seem too dumb an malformed to properly express any emotion other than cosmic horror.

That guy
As a bonus, we would get to euthanize them because they are crap.

I'm guessing he likes it.
Pugs are weird and the people that own them are interesting!
This is why Harley Davidson shouldn't make dogs.
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