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Desc:This just showed up on a channel that was previously all old Dr. Demento tracks.
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:Feet, butts, SFW fetish, NSFW fetish
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Comment count is 14
you mean all this is not from a Dr. Demento episode?
infinite zest
It could very well be! When I was growing up he'd always have two shows at Reed College, one for all ages which was your standard Weird Al, Zappa, etc. but he had another one at night which was just for adults. I never went, but I assume it was kind of like a proto-Everything Is Terrible or Found Footage Festival kind of thing.

Killer Joe
Your armbar is so bad.
Your armbar is so bad I just can't masturbate to this.
Your armbar is so bad I just can't masturbate to this and you should feel bad about both things.
Reefer Fez
The high heels on fat guy's stomach made me wince.

All I could imagine was perforated abdominal cavity.
The woman standing on the guy's throat is the one that really made me cringe.

The music is what really takes this to the next level.
Spit Spingola
It's a Pogues cover of all things. There's something poignant when you hear the lyrics "I will cover myself with sorrow, bring hell down upon me" and you're looking at somebody's face getting crushed by somebodies butt.

Robin Kestrel
I can't fap to this. But five for the song and the Dr. Demento connection.
This is a really weird channel. Not much submission worthy on its own, but worth checking out.

A lot of the videos are just vaguely cryptic messages on a grey background with no audio, then a bunch of obscure Dr. Demento tracks and three videos like this. Maybe a couple other things. Taken as a whole it's pretty enigmatic.

Also it looks like more of these fetish things have showed up since I submitted this. He's up to at least part 12 but they're not being uploaded in order.

Also it's not full songs, they're all 43 second long excerpts.

Also, he (I think it's safe to assume this is a guy) has only liked one video:

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar brawl before SummerSlam 2015 - WWE Raw July 20 2015

infinite zest
Fascinating stuff!

Spit Spingola
My mind has been blown.

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