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Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:007, onion, peter rosenthal, spectre
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infinite zest
Ugh.. thanks for reminding me that I'm going to take someone to this tomorrow.. fucking 2 and a half hours? I really miss Remington Steel and when Bond was still fun.
John Holmes Motherfucker
This is supposed to be pretty bad. I only watch these things when they turn up on TBS. The Bond novels are REALLY well-written by the way. "Goldfinger" has a description of a golf match that's just a pleasuer to read. I would never WATCH golf being played, but Fleming's detailed narration is fascinating. I've only read three of the Bond novels. Sadly, I'm not at all well-read.

infinite zest
It's funny, the only review I've read of it was a pretty glowing one:

http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/the-immortal-james-bon d-returns-in-spectre/Content?oid=16831033

but it says how the books were terrible and so was Remington Steel, and I LIKED THE BOOKS AND REMINGTON STEEL! People talk shit about Bond surfing a tsunami wave and such, but love Escape from LA, where, you guessed it, Snake Plisskin surfs a tsunami wave and such.

With the exception of (original) Casino Royale, bond was never necessarily intentionally funny, but I liked not just the gadgets but how cartoony he was instead of basically Transporter, Taken, blah blah blah with a different brand name, and sadly gadgets that have gone from fun things like invisible cars and laser pens, to sniper rifles what shoot grenades out of them or whatever and next year's model sportscar. No fun.

Two Jar Slave
He really only had one joke, huh.
infinite zest
Well for the most part they're all just one joke or observation, that's kind of Pete's thing.

Are you not familiar with the entire schtick of The Onion?

Rodents of Unusual Size
I feel inspired.
infinite zest
I feel like a drink.

I laughed
That pained look as the martini is shaken, not stirred.
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