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Desc:A self-loathing Jewish man exposes Trump's Judeophilia.
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:donald trump, self-loathing, Brother Nathanael, strange gestures
Submitted:wtf japan
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Comment count is 11
Bobonne - 2015-11-18

I'm not a big fan of a great many aspects of Israel, but...uh...
Bobonne - 2015-11-18
Still, I didn't even touch that other piece of shit, that was some entry level stormfront / /pol/ shit submitted unironically, but this is some pretty quality conspiracy theory, I guess, even with all the antisemitism.

Five for evil.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2015-11-18
I upvoted this thing because the guy's take on "wacky internet personas" is so wooden and awkward. You can almost hear him asking, "this is how I get famous on YouTube, right?" The wild-eyed antisemitism and conspiracy theory garbage was really just a bonus.
wtf japan - 2015-11-18
Adding "strange gestures" tag.

MurgatroidMendelbaum - 2015-11-18
Be sure to check out his "Mossad's Fingerprints On Paris Attacks" video.
Void 71 - 2015-11-18
Jews did Kennedy, 911, Paris, and my investment portfolio.

chumbucket - 2015-11-18
He delivers like some celeb paid to announce wrestlemania.
baleen - 2015-11-18
Crazy Hat Crazy is a very special kind of crazy. We don't get too much of it around here anymore.
Xenocide - 2015-11-18
Watch out, Yugi! Trump is a master duelist! His Hebrew Deck has never been defeated!

Oh no! He's summoning Jew Eyes White Dragon!
memedumpster - 2015-11-18
I wish I could five star your comment in a way that didn't show I got the joke.

cognitivedissonance - 2015-11-18
I really want to believe that Roy Cohn was Trump's lawyer.
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