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Desc:From the 1993/2007 film Geteven, a disaster in failed ambition that rivals The Room.
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:country music, horrible, geteven, John De Hart
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Comment count is 22
Of course it's already been brought up here. I didn't know that, and I wasn't even the first person to compare it to the Room.
Wow. I've never heard of this movie before. The website is astounding.
That guy
Even the IMDb summary has this mangled sentence:
"An Ex-Cop comes back as vigilante to bring down with blazing weapons an martial arts a satanic cult that has taken over his town."

New to me. Looks pretty amazing.
That is the most confusing web store I have ever seen. I hope he actually sends the damn thing.

The fact that there was no shipping charge is a bit disconcerting.

I found out about it and snagged it off of Cinnygeddon. It's very well seeded.

Really? I searched by title before I even finished watching this clip and didn't find it but my ratio's getting little low these days anyhow so probably for the best. I opted to buy Flyin' Ryan instead of torrenting, too.

Search for Road to Revenge, its original title, or check the "search description" box for Geteven.

And I'd give you more creds but my ratio is getting a bit low as well. I haven't been seeding that much the past year or so.

Not to worry, I mostly joined to share stuff butmost of it'son an old coputer I don't keep online these days. I'm still at around 1.6 but I was trying to keep it above 2. Killed it downloading a bunch of novelty golf videos for a music project last spring.

Damn that's some "Hear the Engines Roll" from Pod People level shit. I'll need to check this one out.
I heard that exact same song too. Burn those rubber tires.

I hope everyone here is backing Joel's Kickstarter.

I was going to but I donated it to a local women's shelter instead, as the kickoff of my "donate to a local women's shelter any time I click play on an MRA video" resolution.

I'll give Joel something next paycheck.

infinite zest
Do you know what pin that is in the background? It looks familiar but I can't place it. I've been working on a Pinball in Cinema encyclopedia for years and thought I had most of them..

It's a cowboy theme, there are a lot of cowboy themed EM pins out there.

Holy shit....I was like "Hah, that guy looks like Wings Hauser!!"

It IS Wings Hauser.
Yeah it is, and what the fuck is he doing in this POS??

Same thing Karen Black was doing in Legend of the Roller Blade Seven?

Geteven sounds like a setting in the Bible.
Jet Bin Fever
Just ordered the DVD from his website. I don't even care if it ever arrives, because I feel that this clip was worth the .
pyslexic dharmacist
Well, that escalated quickly...

...and then...de-escalated? Is that a word?
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