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Desc:Someone mashed up the vocal from Runnin' With The Devil with Can's Mother Sky and it's hilarious.
Category:Stunts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:can, david lee roth, cocaine, Van Halen, Kraut rock
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I will find a way to make this my wake up alarm.
Binro the Heretic

Someone figured out a way to make David Lee Roth enjoyable!
Making David Lee Roth worse, you mean.

This is as good as a lot of their Malcolm Mooney era. And I say that as someone whose favorite Can tracks are almost all Malcolm Mooney ones.
Extra stars for the whistle.

infinite zest
You mean all 5 of them? Yeah, I liked Mooney more too though.

More than 5, I have at least 3 LPs of Malcom Mooney/Can stuff, maybe four (I'd have to check).

It's a shame that the music he has done since is apocalyptically bad, because he lives about a half hour drive from me and I might even have been able to talk him into sitting in at a show with my last band but after hearing what he does now I didn't want to talk to him at all. Maybe his painting is good, I'm pretty sure he supports himself from it at least.

Seriously though, if you haven't checked out Delay 1968 you have to, easily my favorite Can record.

infinite zest
Oh yeah.. I was thinking actual albums I guess. I'm pretty sure I've heard Delay but if I did it was a good decade ago.

Fair enough. I'm not actually sure if he was with them yet for the first live show (which is kind of terrible but I still bought the boot because how can you pass up a cheap Can bootleg?) and I don't remember if the unpronounceable one with the pipe on the cover has any Mooney tracks that aren't on Delay.

(Ash Ra Tempel were better)

infinite zest
That's funny, I made a work mix CD some 10 years ago called Can Halen, because Monster Movie and VH1 fit perfectly on a CDR
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