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Desc:This, and some of these beats, is where it all starts for me.
Category:Science & Technology, Arts
Tags:drum machine, roland, 808, tr808, evolution of music technology
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Comment count is 9
Still the best techno machine out there, man.
I'd love to have one, but they cost so damn much. I find the NEW TR-8 to be a fine substitute, not that I can speak on a comparisson since I've never used an 808 before. But hell, its 500 dollars for the TR-8.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Funky fresh beats, yo!
wow, i didn't realize so many of my favorite tunes used a drum machine, i might really have to rethink my position on beep boop music!!

I'm torn between 5 stars because 808 and 1 star because 808. Yet 3 stars doesn't feel appropriate either. The 808 808'ed the entire fucking music industry, and it has never boom, boom chick boom, boom chick since.
ok i suppose 5 stars for it being the evolution of music technology

wait no it's kinda the deevolution of music technology at this point can i have my stars back?

Sold my 808 to buy a 909 about 10 years ago.
Never regretted it, but the 808 is a damn fine machine.

And women respond to bass.
Reason 2.5 included a fine software version of the 808 complete with nicely aped sounds.
you mean like a vst? The same samples come with pretty much everything now

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