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Desc:What this all boils down to, really
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:music, keyboards, friends, ross, david schwimmer
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Ross has four stomachs, like a cow.

http://www.clickhole.com/article/latest-attack-isis-just-repla ced-friends-laugh-tra-3350
infinite zest
Heh.. back when I was a kid I always thought the laugh track on every sitcom was just one person doing it really really hard in some sort of echo chamber.

After watching this I've at least triplet the total amount of Friends I've seen in my life thus far.
good for you cool man zzzzzz

It's not about being cool. It's about Friends being unbearable. I honestly don't understand why such grating, crippled comedy acting and hack writing became a top show adored by millions. At least Welcome Back Kotter felt like New York even though it was racist on the other side of the scale.

I am 5 starring this because it is truly awful. What will this mean for the future?

Jimmy Labatt
baleen, best to just forget about it and move on. Take solace in the fact that music technology has evolved.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Lisa Kudrow was the only one on that show who was actually funny, and she went on to make The Comeback, which is one of the greatest underrated comedies of the last few decades.

5 for how much I hate Friends, and the simultaneous and bizarre love I had for reading Friends slash fanfics during the 90s.
infinite zest
She's also Bojack's owl "girlfriend" on Bojack, among other things. Jennifer Aniston has done pretty well too.. also starring in another very underrated comedy called Wanderlust. Seems like the gals got to be pretty successful and the guys are.. well they're doing stuff so that's good.

I've probably seen every episode of Friends. My ex was super into the show when we first started dating and she'd throw Friends Parties.. Friends Watching Friends Being Friends.. at least there was free wine and other than that her friends were cool and everything else about her we matched on, so I was like "just stick it out IZ.. the show's going to end sooner or later" and it did a few seasons later. Then at Christmas her parents bought us the DVD set. I still didn't crack but I was like "oh fuck.." Oh well, I found out my current girlfriend likes Mumford and Sons and I'm not about to kick her outta bed either but yeah this is the worst show ever.

I will second The Comeback.

Being able to kill Chandler in a variety of really entertaining ways was a big selling point of Fallout: New Vegas, as I seem to recall.

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