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Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:fallout, bethesda, best gamers, no scrubs
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infinite zest
Yikes. Does the framerate really suck that much on Xbone? I remember hearing that they promised a solid 30FPS on both XB and PS4.. oh well, promises are meant to be broken.
I've been hearing a lot of complaints about the graphics; usually from independent community reviewers (like Metacritic users, or these guys). It was one of the reasons why I hesitated to buy the game at first, although ultimately I decided that graphics are the least important thing for me, so I'd give it a shot anyway.

The graphics are excellent. I don't know what it's like on Xbone or Playstation, nor what it's like on crappy PCs, but I have a very fast computer which can handle the game properly, and on maximum settings, the graphics look gorgeous. That low-def mural they show @ 1:54? I've seen that mural in-game, and I can confirm that it looks awesome.

I wasn't a fan of Skyrim or Bethesda's recent behavior in general, but Fallout 4 is excellent, and definitely a step back in the right direction. This time around, at least, the nerds are wrong.

The PC experiance is weird. I cant speak for the framerate issues (because my video csrd is so badly out of date) but the graphics issues are very real.

Strangely enough the textures set to low are actually better than they are set to High. I think there are some serious issues with LoD goin on here...

I've been playing on Xbox One and I have had no major frame rate issues. Where it seems to chug is when you are up high like on a building or something and you can see a lot of the world. It must just be old-school processing issues because when the weather is foggy and you can see less, the game runs noticeably better.

I know people addicted to the Pissfour version of this and I have noticed no framerate reduction. The textures, however, are all over the place. A lot of the wood looks like styrofoam shaped into theater wood using a soldering iron or wood engraver. It wouldn't be so noticeable if when the textures look good, they didn't look amazing. It seems like they had to do some texture triage somewhere along the way. The only part of the game that made me want to play it was the town building.

infinite zest
Yeah I don't think I've ever seen such a discrepancy between pro reviewers and user reviewers on anything; I wonder if some other company with a big budget 4th quarter game (cough cough Black Ops 3 cough cough) is getting their staff to write shitty reviews so sales don't compete as much. It's not impossible either: restaurants get their employees to write negative Yelp reviews of competing restaurants, and plenty of regular folks on imdb one-star Shawshank Redemption just to get it off the top of the imdb 250. The era of the big-time game critic may be coming to an end, as the general public is becoming more aware of review embargoes, and that leads to the assumption that the big names are being paid off vs. people like them. And it's a well-known fact that if a movie's not screened for critics, that almost universally means it's going to suck and the studio knows it.

And a local restaurant can take a look at a Yelp review, decide if it's slanderous and ask for it to be taken down, but that's on a local level. I doubt if Bethesda's too concerned with bad user reviews vs. their title's nearly universal acclaim by accredited critics, but that could really cut into sales. I'm willing to bet that you'll see plenty of one stars for Star Wars from people who never saw the movie but just hate Star Wars, but that faces no competition the way Fallout 4 does.

Sudan no1
Doesn't VATS get better when you put points into perception? If it still sucks even after you max perception that's shitty.
VATS works fine for me. The accuracy aspect is much different from 3, but it seems largely influenced by the mods on the gun. The range stat really effects it.
That said, the fact that VATS doesn't stop time is something you have to keep in mind. If an enemy is ducking behind cover, you might be able to target their leg or something, but as you're shooting they will move fully behind the cover and then you won't hit anything. You have to have clear shots.

that golden 2 which appears at certain points in most of their videos, where is it from? and what does it reference? I feel that I know this reference but I can't place it.
That video of dogmeat walking through the laser traps bouncing around somewhere.
Seems realistic. How would a dog know not to go through laser traps?

As funny as that video is, it's a PC hack thing...companions can't set off traps. Either that or the person dismissed the dog or something and it walked through the traps because friendly NPCs can set off traps.

infinite zest
Can you accidentally shoot and kill your own dog? I know it was for realism and all but I have horse blood on my hands from playing Red Dead Redemption and dog blood from New Vegas due to the fact that I generally sucking at video games. But MGSV on the other hand, I accidentally blew my horse up with a rocket launcher and he was just fine, just had to go back to base for a little while.

The dog in this one is immortal. If he gets hurt he just rests for a minute and gets back up.

Companions can't die, they just go prone and stop being active until the current threat is dealt with or you revive them, but yes you will shoot them constantly as they run in front off you pretty much all the time. They are still useful though as they take attention off you, absorb some damage and some of the companions have unique skills (Nick Valentine, for example, can hack any terminal)

So do you guys actually like any of the companions? I've been warming to them more than the companions in previous Bethesda and/or Fallout games. Most of them are pretty good - not great, but pretty good. I like Deacon a lot, and John Hancock the libertarian ghoul; only real issue I've had with the companions so far is with MacReady, because of (IMPLIED SPOILERS) our mutual past. REALLY WISH I COULD KILL HIM (AGAIN).

I miss Clover and my hacked Bittercup, but hopefully I'll see them again once the mod tools are released.

I only use my companion for extra luggage space. Haven't stimpaked one yet. The only weapon a companion should have is a melee weapon, that or the one they have infinite ammo for. For these reasons Strong is an ideal companion. Under no circumstances should you give your companion any explosive ordnance.

That guy
Even though I like the game and I'll probably play through it a few times, I'm not going to disagree with the user gripes, and for all the potential flaws/abuse with user reviews, "critic" reviews are so, so problematic that one can only go on user reviews, really.

For FO4, the gameplay-design flaws are the worst, to me. FO4 has its own logic, and it's not a highly realistic one, nor a great one. Everything about companions and communities is dumb. I hope that some obsessive building a funny community doesn't convince you this is otherwise before deciding whether or not to buy the game.

I haven't experienced graphics problems, although I'm not a graphics animal, as I think they're tied with fawning fanboys in the Kill All Gamers Sweepstakes. I have experienced some crashes. They're bad but not frequent. Those companions and communities, though. Oh boy....

This is possibly the worst game to date that I will play through three times. I'm their mind-controlled slave, basically.
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