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Desc:The gift that keeps on giving, or at least up to three times a day or so
Tags:alone, Pornhub, pornographies, coming in the chimney tonight
Submitted:infinite zest
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The Mothership
Well I'm sold.
Porn ads are the only ones that ever feel subversive. It's a nice feeling, actually. Especially after the deafening Black Friday ads that, if you were a space alien, would make you think that Thanksgiving, America's second-biggest holiday, is a celebration of horrific consumerism. Which probably isn't that far off base, I guess.
"Buy our gift cards for the clueless old people who still pay for porn!"
infinite zest
Yeah, I just use xnxx and I can usually find pretty quality shit no problem, most of it at probably 480p. But if they have the "This Isn't" series and the like it might be fun for the porn connoisseur. I do really want to see Bob's Boners.

infinite zest
Oh NM you can just find it for free on woodrocket. I wonder what their angle is here. I've been on pornhub once and it's really gross badly filmed amateur shit and nothing much else. But, a giftcard's a giftcard non refund/exchangable, and even if you wanted to you'd be to embarrassed to talk to someone on the phone so have fun jerking off to a girl getting come on by two different dudes who's probably a 15 year old syrian refugee merry christmas

infinite zest
Also not recommended. The intro's really well done but the whole movie's just bob and linda fucking in the restaurant. I guess Tina or Louise would be crossing a line though, but still, too much lost potential in storytelling. I guess that's every porno though, except for Pirates.

My experience with pornhub was that it was mostly really gross badly directed PROFESSIONAL shit.

No Louise?! Not interested.

infinite zest
Yeah it's a real letdown. The tone is perfect at first, with the humor exactly like Bob's Burgers, down to the punny burger names which are just slightly porned up over what BB can probably do, and the set is perfect. But basically it goes like this: Teddy just leaves after a couple of lines, Bob and Linda find Tina's zombie fan fiction involving Jimmy Pesto Jr and a Zombie, which leads to a very promising dream sequence with Tina JJ and a Zombie, but then decide to fuck and suck for 30 minutes. And that's the end! Linda asks to try bob's new "sauce", a joke that was never established in the beginning, he comes and it never gets back to the Zombie 3-way dream or any more fun parody jokes.

It's as bad as when my movie theatre had a 3D John Holmes time travel movie. Such potential! 3D ejaculation = great! World's biggest dick travels through time = great! Not great! There were no refunds but I'd say 75% of the mostly sold out crowd walked out after an entire hour of fucking with no storytelling. At least Bob's Boners was merciful at 35 minutes.

What kind of porn are you guys watching that isn't really gross?

Attractive couples filming themselves for the love of the game.

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