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Desc:a work training game for PSP, only 500 copies were made.
Category:Video Games, Business
Tags:PSP, hotels, Hilton, job training
Submitted:Sudan no1
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The Mothership
The really evil thing is them comparing your video game performance with your real performance review.
infinite zest
It's evil, but in a way it seems more effective than watching a training video and taking a paper test or whatever. I'll admit to having guessed on a few questions for my food handlers' card, which I got right, because that test's really easy, but throwing me into a virtual kitchen would be different.

But extra evil if the PSP came out of everybody's paychecks.

Chances are your real performance review at a hotel chain like this would mostly be based on data taken from the GPS enabled tracking devices you are probably required to carry (just like Wal Mart and Amazon and as of recently, the USPS, for starters) so there probably isn't actually much difference from management's vantage point.

infinite zest
That makes sense for the post office, but I don't really understand Wal Mart. Like, I use my phone to clock in and out, and it knows my location, but often I'm halfway home when I remember to clock out, set the time back, and it says my location's miles away from where I was supposed to be. So far nobody's said anything. At a Wal Mart, or a hotel or any place that's enclosed within one building, how's it useful for anything except ensuring that you're not hiding out in the break room, which a manager would notice anyway.

Bummer, they didn't show the secret level where you smoke weed with the janitor behind the dumpsters.
Now this has me wondering what most large hotel chains keep "in storage".
That guy
Can you take the vacuum down to engineering and turn it into a Junk Jet??
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