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Desc:Person filming egging him on.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:bicycle, cussin
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Comment count is 12
Why is this so funny? Seriously, why? It's just some dipshit getting worked up over nothing, and yet....

What the fuck?
Half of the cyclists I see behave like this guy. Against traffic, no helmet, ignoring traffic laws, running stop signs, goes on and on. They are passive aggressive assholes who use their bike as an excuse to create conflict.

He gets the typical response that any angry cyclist gets when ranting about bad driving, instead of just acknowledging the issue it's the generalized criticsm (without facts) of "well you should be obeying signs and signals!"

It's funny because the guy knows how to cuss rant.

It's funny because I can almost see myself degenerating to that state despite being a careful law-abiding cyclist (well, more abiding than other road user at least).

It's happened several times during my rides/commuters, where I just stopped and fucking screamed even though the driver who fucked with me is long-gone and I look like a maniac.

Actually that's not funny at all, it's traumatizing and I hate it. =(

Alternate timeline Trump?
The cyclist or cameraman?

The cyclist. In this world he's poor, belligerent cyclist, not a real estate tycoon. Same hair, same hat, same jumpsuit, same braying.

Agreed. Trump from a different economic background.

sweet woodie in the preload
jfcaron_ca confirmed viral marketer
Wow apparently I'm so viral I don't even know I'm doing it. Keen.

What product is he selling? As far as I know, neither "garishly unfashionable clothes" nor "whiny ridiculous attitude" are marketable commodities.

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