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Desc:Figured this was timely and necessary.
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:Star Wars, George Lucas, red letter media
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Part 2: https://youtu.be/ryDkH-OddYA
Wait, is the movie coming out this week? It was so off my radar I never noticed.

I'll probably check it out on my parents' on demand account at some pont.
infinite zest
A client of mine won tickets to opening night, which means either I go with him and go over my hours or the other guy comes in early. I'm hoping he comes in early. It sounds like hell.

Hasn't the entire movie already been spoiled at this point? You can't visit a single site without another link dissecting some rumor or trailer detail.

"What Chewbacca's hairstyle could imply in the new Star Wars movie. The shocking details!"

^actual headline

infinite zest
Yeah it's really bad. I remember being 17 and going on altnets and stuff and reading peoples' Phantom Menace theories before it came out, but now it's just part of the collective consciousness. They were talking about it on NPR today. And who knows, maybe everybody's wrong but at this point everybody's so caught up with the theory they subscribe to is the right one that they'll forget to sit back and shut the fuck up for 2 hours and change and enjoy a fucking movie.

Everyone is going to claim it's the best movie ever, simply out of shock at seeing a new Star Wars movie with actual shots and cuts outside of a soap opera 2 camera system. Everything else will be carried by seeing X wings and the Falcon to the classic score and nobody will care that the villain is just another Darth Maul and the story is as dumb as the Star Trek reboot's.

That guy
even this
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