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Desc:A big compilation of Dice conversations.
Tags:comedy, Oh!, Andrew Dice Clay, possession
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Comment count is 10
For a second I thought he died or something.
He died a while ago now.

ha! i just said the same thing on one of the other vids.

That guy
I still don't get it.
He was an impression comic in the early 80s and Dice was one of his original characters. It got so popular he got famous by doing it, it took over like the dummy in Magic, and now he allegedly lives as Dice 24/7.

I'm not trying to equate their talent because he's not even close to Kaufman but imagine if Andy Kaufman had lived but Tony Clifton got really popular and Kaufman started living as Tony Clifton and just never stopped for 25 years. It's weird and fascinating and kind of tragic.

That guy
Yeah, that was the missing piece for me. I didn't know he never stopped being "Dice". I listened to the first 10 minutes of this and it seems like that's what people were claiming, but I wasn't sure that could possibly be true.
That guy
meant as reply

also "Dice" is frickin' exhausting.

Binro the Heretic
I sometimes wonder if Silverstein became genuinely bitter about the success of "Dice". He created the character to mock misogynistic egotistical racist homophobic assholes only to find many people idolized the prick. The more outrageous he became, the more people seemed to lap it up.

Same goes for Larry the Cable Guy. Larry's success didn't piss me off so much as the people who made him successful. His audience went from being people who thought Larry's ignorance & racism were objects of ridicule to the sort of people who would say, "FINALLY! Someone who thinks the way I do."

It's like if Dr. Jekyll found people liked Mr. Hyde more than they liked him, no matter how terrible Hyde was or perhaps because of it. Maybe Andrew Silverstein and Daniel Whitney decided to make their fans look as stupid & hateful as possible as revenge?
Shared a plane with him a few years ago. He was still flying first class somehow. He was wearing head-to-toe Afflicition gear and had like a twenty year-old girl with him.
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