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Desc:Merry War-on-Christmas, PoeTV!
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:christmas, america, Paganism, wake up sheeple, The Vigilant Christian
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Comment count is 4
EvilHomer - 2015-12-14
It's a long video, so if you're debating whether to spend your time watching it, I should point out that Mr VigilantChristian Mario DOES NOT take his argument in the way you probably assume he would! VC is, in fact, an anti-Christmas Christian, and he raises many of the same (logical, perfectly valid) objections as Cromwell and the Puritans once did. It's a rare treat to find War-on-Christmas media that breaks from tradition like this.

The second half of the video is given over entirely to a breathless girl named SpyKitten, who, armed with a slideshow of helpful Photoshop pics, explains the hidden realities of Saturn-worship.
chumbucket - 2015-12-14
I suffered through A Christmas Horror Story the other day to discover, sadly, that William Shatner was the best thing about it.
That guy - 2015-12-15
God sets up a crazy number of unfair traps for us.

He's like the worst DM.
That guy - 2015-12-15
oh wow this is full of choice nuggets

-screenshot of another youtube video for over a minute
-head's up for "supposably" at 3:37
-he said 'the sun actually dies in a certain sense'
-I don't have the energy for this shit

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