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Desc:Rich and Mike Love to Hate (and Hate to Love) Star Wars! Buy stuff!
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:Star Wars, Mike, rich, RedLetterMedia, clickbait
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Comment count is 15
You know that guy? Don't be that guy.
Sanest Man Alive
Look at me, I'm being That guy!

(PS sorry for taking your job, That guy. You can have it back, I think I prefer being myself)

That guy
np I had already 1-starred it


On a serious note, who else resolved to see this plastic pushing piece of poop in its first week because "oh no what if I hear spoilers", and already feeling dirty about it?

(In my defense, it's my wife making me do this. Or some other excuse.)

Boy, check out that dork with the glasses. What a nerd.

Rich Evans looks like he's lost some weight, but also hasn't slept for a month.
infinite zest
I'd blame it on the Wisconsin weather, because even though there's a bunch of sunny days it's too cold this time of year to want to go outside (plus there's nothing fun to do like ski, just attempt to walk/bike/drive in the slushy gross city snow) but Wisconsin, or at least Milwaukee, has been unusually warm this year, and there's actually a very good chance that they won't even have a White Christmas this year, something that as far as I know has never happened..

infinite zest
5 for RLM, negative 7 for Star Wars, 2 for no Rich Laugh.

So, is Force Awakens getting the "not screened for critics" thing? Something that's usually reserved for video game/Scary Movie movies and other such shit that studios want to succeed on the very fact that people will go to the movies no matter what? I understand not wanting to inadvertently give away the plot, but it'd be nice if there were at least a few film reviewers that I usually agree with (like Roeper, AV Club) that said whether it was good or not. At this point it's broken every pre-sale record in history, and them's ain't refundable, so why not just get an honest opinion already, is it good or bad? Because that's what critics are for. I never pay to go to a movie myself until I've read at least 2 reviews.

But I'm stuck with going to Star Wars on Thursday so I guess I don't have much of a choice.
It's being screened, but they are requesting a review embargo until Thursday. The premiere was last night and tons of people already posted casual opinions all over social media.

So far the consensus of the people who attended the premiere is basically: it's really well made, it's definitely better than the prequels, but the story is too heavily a "remake" of sorts of episode IV with a lot of the same structure. That said, the story being a bit rehashy seems to be about the worst criticism being lobbed at it so far (at least from non-critic, casual audiences)

infinite zest
That's good; it's been nearly 40 years so I wouldn't mind a straight-up remake of Episode 4 at this point. Nobody really complained when Batman Begins did that, with a few differences, and that was only 15 years after. Do something interesting with the next two, but keep this one simple. But I do look forward to some nerd rage because their theories for the past year by analyzing individual milliseconds of 30 second teasers weren't correct. Plus I'm getting paid to see it so I can't complain. But I'm already stocking up on hand sanitizer; hopefully they find that in my pocket and not my expertly concealed flask of whiskey.

infinite zest
Hmm.. actually the Superman reboot would've been a better example; it's been a while since I've seen the Burton Batman and it's not as much an origin story. Also, looking it up, I had totally forgotten that Billy Dee Williams plays Harvey Dent, so back to the Black Jimmy Olsen discussion a while back, sometimes more minor characters who are known as primarily white have been played by black dudes!

Nevermind, I guess today was the end of the embargo. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes out of 144 reviews. I guess that's fairly encouraging.

This one feels forced an not cool. I want to shove it up my dick hole.

3 stars.
"Crucial plot details leaked out by toys." I learned this the other night when my wife and I stopped by Family Dollar.
Rodents of Unusual Size
for all the product list

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