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Desc:Humans vs Zombies and Vampires.......and ALIENS
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:Zombies, awesome, horror, Patton Oswalt, b movies
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 14
for my bubby josh fadem.
(he is the zombie)

infinite zest
I'm torn between my "I'm so sick of all these zombie parodies" and my oh wait there's patton oswalt
Sanest Man Alive
Is Patton just a living rubber-stamp of nerd approval? I know a lot of folks were ga-ga at the news when he was picked for the new MST3k as "TV's Son of TV's Frank", but I feel like that's just going to turn out a well-meaning flop, crushed under the weight of its own nostalgic legacy.

infinite zest
Oh he's been in some shit, including a certain movie that's beloved by most and I personally really dislike. But while you're trying to figure out which one, here's a hint: I also love David Cross who was also in a CGI movie about a talking something or other. Oswalt can't carry a movie (especially not this one because apparently it came out without anybody noticing it) but he'd be a fun guy to hang out with on the set, which makes his appearances in movies fun. In fact that's about the only thing that kept me from destroying my nephew's DVD of that CGI movie, the fact that Patton would've been about to do the same thing after the fourth "again!"

Just say the name of the movie, Zest.
Nobody cares whether you do or not.


infinite zest
Cgi rat movie something. I just got nervous cuz I can't spell so good

I was an animation supervisor on that certain David Cross movie....

infinite zest
That's awesome. I'll bet these movies are a lot more fun to work on than they are to watch. Plus the CGI's really good so yay. Any fun David Cross stories? I heard he had a meltdown during the filming of the second one.

The script for this movie circulated for quite a while. Originally it was called "Kitchen Sink" and I never got around to reading it, but it was popular with people I respected. That doesn't mean the finished movie will be any good but it might not be utter trash.
Looks good!
The Mothership
I respectfully disagree.

This could possibly be the worst movie ever.
This looks awful as a trailer, but could be just an irritating marketing department cutting a bad trailer from a good film.
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