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Desc:Peter Rosenthal nails the new film's shortcomings
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:Star Wars, The Onion, peter rosenthal, a new hope, The Force Awakens
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Comment count is 6
fedex - 2015-12-21
he always has to go there
misterbuns - 2015-12-21
As always The Onion nails it. Star Wars hit at the right time culturally and technologically to change everything. We are still talking about it because it just happened to somehow suck less than the many other films that were hitting on the same nerves but with less technological innovation.

Lucas was opportunistic and savvy enough to hand the stuff off to Kasdan and Kershner who recognized the accidental potential of Lucas' story ( if you think lucas planned all that heroes journey shit you're wrong ) and they all made Empire, which is actually an amazing movie.

But Star Wars worked because of the zeitgeist of the late 70's and the profile cinema still had in culture and thinking that can be recaptured is like trying to recreate a moment from your childhood. The most we can hope for is just a good movie. Which is just fine by me.
jangbones - 2015-12-21
Dammit, why did you have to get me started?

Star Wars is such a seventies film. With all the good and bad that connotes; a rethinking of some really unlikely genres, with so many whacked out elements added.

And I agree, it tapped into something in the culture, which allowed for Empire, a superior film.

As far as the prequels and the new film; I guess I still cannot understand all the histrionics about popular culture. I love a great movie and an excellent television series and an intriguing book as much as the next jackoff. But if it is disappointing in some way, so what? Why am I going to get all excited about it?

And the reactionary people are just as bad. Oh you virulently hate Star Wars or Twilight or Bieber or whatever is popular today? Wow, you have such discerning tastes. Easier than forging a sincere identity I suppose.

Alright, that was way too many words about a fucking muppet movie.

Oscar Wildcat - 2015-12-22
...and Hey, what about that nutty Star Wars bar, can you forget all the creatures in there? And Hey, Kylo Ren in that black and evil mask, did he scare you as much as he scared me? ARGGGGGGGG!

The Mothership - 2015-12-21
Good movie review. Note that he did not once talk about a single aspect of the movie he was reviewing. 5 Stars.
infinite zest - 2015-12-22
I've forgotten all about these star wars
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