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Desc:I blame My Little Pony for this.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic Movies
Tags:laser, mech, thomas the tank engine
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 13
Awww, that's cute! He looks kind of like one of those Death Robots from the guro manga, Gore Gore Mask.
"Thomas was very cross with Japan and felt he must resort to a series of bursts with his charged-particle cannon and smart-mortars."
It makes sense for him to be rebooted as a Japanese property, what with the teaching-kids-to-be-racist-early deal with the Diesels on the show.

Executive Producer: Jon Peters
Some of you guys remind me of Harold the helicopter.
Better than The Rock remaking Big Trouble in Little China, though.

Which is happening, more likely than not.
infinite zest
Uh oh.. I remember saying a while back that a Point Break remake would probably happen only this time with more base jumping and modern extreme sports, and now it's happening. I think Hollywood's listening in. But just in case, I would NEVER want to see a Snow Crash movie starring that asian guy from The walking dead. Never ever ever ever.

On the plus side, at least this would be all live-action footage of actual models again, like THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE used to be before the train faces became CGI abominations.
infinite zest
If they do remake it I hope they use real trains

Sodor.Engine : Unit-T
Sanest Man Alive
Thomas the Tachikoma Engine!

Wait, back the fuck up: Caminante BLAMES MLP for something now?
he went rogue. it was a bloodbath

Rodents of Unusual Size
Ghost in the Tank: Thomas Alone Complex
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