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Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:time lapse, Climate Change, melting, arctic
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Comment count is 20
This video is a lie. We got snow over the weekend.

Fucking global WARMING hucksters.
infinite zest
I got snow yesterday too, which didn't stick at all, but it's weird that the Pacific Northwest got one of the biggest droughts this summer and record rainfall so far this winter, and places I've known to have snow are practically summertime weather and Austin is in the 30s while Nashville's sitting comfortably at 73 degrees.

Our snow didn't stick either. (I'm in Seattle.) But still... we got snow.

But yeah.... the weather this year is beyond weird. I'd like to say that this is the new normal, with a smug, knowing nod of my head, but... it's probably not. At least not totally. El ninho accounts for a lot of the weirdness.

(Yes, el ninho totally accounts for the warm weather on the Atlantic seaboard. Totally!)

Monkey Napoleon
Pretty sure in Portland and surrounding area, it's the hottest average year in history.

infinite zest
Yeah it's been incredibly mild. This time last year it was around 15 degrees and we're at 40 right now. I always know it's warm when I forget where I put my winter hat. But warm or not it's been crazier than I ever remember it.

I'm back in Olympia and while that past few days have been alright, the past few months have been an uncharacteristic deluge.

Rodents of Unusual Size
We are so beyond fucked.

Welp, time to go watch Star Wars!
Two Jar Slave
Yes, if only people didn't watch movies then something something responsible industrial practices.

I for one am happy that I got to live in the time period when we got to enjoy all the benefits of obliterating our fragile planet, but before the consequences really began to kick in and things got all Mad Max on us.
i'm not happy that you got to live at all

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (animated gif goes here)

you're part of the problem, just die

Rodents of Unusual Size
Waugh, take a nap

take a dirt nap, bitch

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Don't worry, the rich will be just fine.
Just imagine the boon to business when those northern shipping lanes open up for trade with China.

infinite zest
What's interesting is that the last big weather-related disaster I remember experiencing first-hand was in Portland sometime in the 90s, when the weather patterns were fairly similar. Unlike other disasters like Katrina where the rich people were spared, rich people were pretty much the only ones affected by record-setting rainfall (which was just surpassed a few days ago) causing their houses on the hill to slide right down the hills or the volcano. Given their natural rich-person influence, you'd think they'd have something to say about how this hadn't happened for 100+ years and then happened again just the other day, because people tend to listen to rich white folks.

Binro the Heretic
I'm pretty sure the rich are counting on being able to build massive fortresses or artificial self-sustaining artificial islands in the middle of the Pacific or what have you.

Of course, they'd have to get poor people to actually build them and pay a bunch of thugs to keep the poor people in line.

They can have their islands. The changing seas will surely produce superintelligent sharks.

Take that Panama!

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