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Desc:Happy 2016 everybody! Everything you need to chase the dragon safely.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:heroin, 2016, citric acid, his-veins-are-huge
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Comment count is 29
infinite zest - 2016-01-02
A girlfriend of mine is a heroin addict who uses most of these methods. I kind of don't see her a lot partly because of it; she sleeps for like 48 hours, then wakes up and sends me dozens of texts, but she's safe and that's good. I've only shot twice, and both times I got sick and not much else, so I stick to ketamine and DMT.
Baron_Von_Bad_Beaver - 2016-01-02
Should I feel bad for liking booze and cigarettes and nothing more? I don't understand how bad one must feel to use such hard drugs as an escape.

When I was in Iraq used needles were a commonplace sight. It's like any place that is a ghetto is full of them, whereas me and my middle class upbringing never saw such things was quite a culture shock at first.

Now I see such activity as depressing, no longer shocking just a sad thing people do to escape from their shitty lives. How sad.

Aelric - 2016-01-02
Needles and pills were usually where I had a full stop in my younger days. I lived in a homeless shelter for a year when I was 19 and saw way too many long term drug tragedies to even be tempted. Specifically, I never wanted to be the guy praising Jesus in the crazy, too much way at a homeless chapel because he helped me stay two weeks sober before I relapsed and got arrested for a public freak out. I knew that specific guy, and I took the warning.

I feel about drugs like I feel about folks that need fetishes just to enjoy basic sex. Booze and weed is all it takes for me, just like my dick in a vagina or mouth is all I need. Folks that need more than that just to feel anything, I really feel sorry for in the end. Their highs might be so much higher, but I don't see it as worth it.

infinite zest - 2016-01-02
Yeah I know. It was like the first time we actually went out and did anything except lie around and occasionally fuck was when I convinced her to go see the Knicks at a bar, and everytime we talk that's all we talk about. Which is really sad, like some sportsbar time with me 2 years ago was the pinnacle of your life? Oh well..

Xenocide - 2016-01-03
I think most fetish folk don't NEED their fetishes to get off. At least in my experience, it goes like this: normal sex 90% of the time, which is great fun for all, but then the other 10%, we go to crazytown, and it's just fabulous. But you can't go there every day. It's like food: most days you have a nice reasonable dinner, but then once in a while, you order a horrifyingly decadent pizza topped with everything the doctor warned you about, or maybe instead of a sensible yogurt for dessert, you break out the pint of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer. You don't eat that shit every day, but when you do, it's a good day. Kinky stuff is like that. I've dated some strange people. I recommend it!

As for drugs, I can't. Slimer and Miss Piggy told me not to.

(weed has very little effect on me unless it's in edibles, in which case the effect is WAY WAY too strong. It's not fun.)

Old_Zircon - 2016-01-03
"Now I see such activity as depressing, no longer shocking just a sad thing people do to escape from their shitty lives. How sad."

Don't forget that a whole lot of well off, successful people love opiates, too, you just don't hear about it because they typically have access to relatively affordable, prescription opiates and generally have the means and support to maintain a habit and keep functioning in other areas of their life. Ask your doctor, because there's about a 10% chance they're using.

"In a study conducted by Cicala (2003) 8% to 12% of physicians were estimated to develop a substance use problem. Emergency medicine, not surprisingly, and anesthesiology, are usually the highest-risk specialties among doctors. Utilization of opiates and benzodiazepines are danger signs of potential substance abuse among doctors."
http://www.addictionsearch.com/treatment_articles/article/subs tance-abuse-among-healthcare-professionals_49.html

"Most physicians who abuse prescription medications aren't seeking recreational thrills, says Merlo, whose research was published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine in October 2013.[2] She interviewed 55 physicians being monitored by their state physician health programs for problems relating to alcohol and drug abuse. Of those, 38 doctors (69%) abused prescription drugs. In describing their motivation, most said they turned to prescription drugs to relieve stress and physical or emotional pain.[1]"

Robin Kestrel - 2016-01-02
Fuck heroin.
infinite zest - 2016-01-02
I agree, but I'm glad there's people making videos as well as no-questions-asked needle exchanges and such that exist to make it safer.

Chocolate Jesus - 2016-01-02
Awwww waaaaah baby doesn't like heroin.

infinite zest - 2016-01-02
I'm definitely not condoning it and I've had a few friends who have died because of it. But in case you do get addicted, it's the hardest thing to kick, and most rehab centers don't treat you very kind, pretty much just give you shit for starting in the first place. And that's not really fair, since alcoholics get to make jokes about their lowest moments including things that most heroin addicts don't do, like drive on it, and people just laugh like "it's ok sweety I've been there too"

M-DEEM - 2016-01-02
You don't think people aren't allowed to make jokes at NA meetings or rehab? You don't think people nod off behind the wheel fairly frequently? Huh

M-DEEM - 2016-01-02
^Don't read that don't

infinite zest - 2016-01-02
I see your point, it's just the way that a DUII is treated vs. a Heroin Addict's that bothers me. There's no fun place to say "I found a rig in the bushes at 3AM and shot up anyway that's how addicted I was and that's why I'm here today" the way there is with AA/DA.

infinite zest - 2016-01-02
I mean NA not DA.. hehe don't read tat either :)

M-DEEM - 2016-01-02
I see yours too. DUI in wisconsin is almost a rite of passage in some circles. I just think people's attitude and experience with rehab is directly related to if they want to be there at all not really which drug they're trying to kick. I guess I've heard so many people who've relapsed blame it on staff, program, god whatever and never really put in serious effort it takes to quit anything

Dont mean to come off as too big a dick, cheers and 5 for an interesting vid

Cena_mark - 2016-01-02
Heroin at least isn't a gateway drug. That's why pot is far more dangerous, because you start with pot and before you know it you're addicted to pot and heroin. At least when one starts out with heroin, they are just addicted to that.

M-DEEM - 2016-01-02
You're a funny guy

15th - 2016-01-03
I have friends that are struggling with heroin and it breaks my heart. I appreciate videos like this and needle exchanges.


Old_Zircon - 2016-01-03
I've known about 10 people who kicked cold turkey and have been clean for over a decade, most of them closer to two at this point. I don't personally know a single person who has kicked by going through rehab or a 12 step program or anything.

infinite zest - 2016-01-03
I've never really bought the Gateway Drug thing, except for that it's usually the first drug you have access to, besides alcohol or nicotine because mom smokes this and dad drinks that. After smoking an 8th a day for at least two years, my first thought wasn't "this isn't getting me high enough I better find some crack," I usually just tried to score more weed.

The Mothership - 2016-01-02
I hear it's like the ultimate hit; better than sex.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2016-01-03
I hear that it can make certain free jazz records seem listenable.

15th - 2016-01-03
That's an urban legend.

infinite zest - 2016-01-03
It's really not better than fucking but the sensation lasts longer I guess. I've only shot up twice but I got that afterglow feeling that you get after sex, and then it didn't go away, and it's like "get me out of here" like a tinder date you just want to kick out of bed or pretend you have to go to work when you don't kinda feelin'.

jimmyboblahey - 2016-01-03
Is it just me or is this guy bad at injecting?
lotsmoreorcs - 2016-01-03
Shoot up or shut up pussies
yogarfield - 2016-01-03

Nominal - 2016-01-03
I worked in rural Texas for a couple weeks. There was a cute girl at work who seemed cool and normal. Invited her to happy hour and while telling each other about ourselves she just mentions in the most casual way that she used to be addicted to heroine.
simon666 - 2016-01-04
Like Superwoman?

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