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Caminante Nocturno - 2016-01-03

Is the trigger warning for the ghost dinosaur skeleton that shows up at 8:55? I can see how that could scare someone, but I was too busy looking at the sexy cave girls to really pay attention to it.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2016-01-04

Anything with skeletons should contain a trigger warning. One time my own skeleton tried to escape from my mouth and it was the spookiest goddamned Bar Mitzvah ever. I can still hear it screaming.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2016-01-03

I was expecting this to be *a lot* worse from title/description

Sexy Duck Cop - 2016-01-03

Yeah, if this TRIGGERS you, you're probably very fat and post on Tumblr.

Two Jar Slave - 2016-01-03

Everyone was trying to be polite and you came along and ruined it. Way to lower the bar, Sexy.

...and you ARE Sexy! ;-D

That guy - 2016-01-04

Hey SDC, TRIGGER WARNING read backward at your own risk:
.sraw rats etah I
.skcus tI

That guy - 2016-01-04

Anyway, I assume the trigger warning was for the cock tease.

EvilHomer - 2016-01-04

Every time they beat a boss, they rape a woman.

Old_Zircon - 2016-01-04

That's not true at all, EH. Sometimes they just watch.

Nominal - 2016-01-03

I just watched Quest for Fire last night, which this game was a faithful adaptation of.

Two Jar Slave - 2016-01-03

Was it still good?

Kid Fenris - 2016-01-03

Data East's legacy: Boogie Wings, the Bad Dudes intro, and THIS.

At least they dropped in Karnov around 8:30.

infinite zest - 2016-01-03

Data East/SEGA IMO was the most successful pinball producer, and had the biggest names too, like Jurassic Park, Star Wars Star Trek and WWF to name a few. They struck when the iron was hot way before Stern or Williams got around to focusing on franchises, but also awarded the player for performing moves that do permanent damage to the machines, so you don't see them too much anymore.

And now all you see is one company trying to put out JP, SW, ST AND WWF which for the most part are all clones of each other, vs. Data East's pretty unique approach to every playfield.

Redford - 2016-01-04

Joe and Mac for the SNES was a super solid action platformer. This game was a weird half-effort attempt at a generic arcade game. Joe and Mac 2 had really solid gameplay interspersed with segments where you used money earned within the stages to play what amounted to a prehistoric dating simulator.

Joe and Mac has always been secretly about getting your prehistoric waifu. This is apparently what data east really wanted to do with it following a harrowing escape from Nintendo's censors.

Scrimmjob - 2016-01-04

IZ, Stern is basically SEGA, they (unless things changed recently) employ a lot of the same people. Data East was bought out by Sega, which then got bought out and rebranded as Stern (who were defunct for quite some time before the buy out). There are some good Data East pinballs, but they made just as many pure shit pinballs. I don't think SEGA made a single really great one. Williams and Bally made almost all of the most classic pinballs, and for the most part used superior parts as well.

Also Karnov is the shit!

infinite zest - 2016-01-04

Yeah to paraphrase the Bard, no success like failure and failures no success. Williams was (and always will be) my favorite, and although I like to bitch about Stern they've produced some of my faves throughout history, like Lord of the Rings, but then got really lazy, just putting some new action figures on the same playfield and calling it a day. They've gotten better over the last couple of years; AC/DC has a lower playfield which I haven't seen since Black Hole, but I could play Iron Man and Transformers or the Rolling Stones or Wrestlemania and it's all pretty much the same. So I'm actually happier playing a SEGA Baywatch than I am most of the new Sterns, especially the extremely sloppy new Game of Thrones.

The worst is that my local watering hole has a GoT right next to a LotR; I'm not sure if they did that on purpose.

infinite zest - 2016-01-04

J&M was also the only game I had for my Game Gear. I don't remember much about it but it was really fun, for the 5 minutes of unplugged portable play you could get out of the fucker

infinite zest - 2016-01-04

oh shit I was thinking of Chuck Rock! There were a lot of cavemansploitation games in the 90s huh

Old_Zircon - 2016-01-04

I haven't played Joe and Mac 2 for SNES in decades but I do have a cassette of an old band practice from 10th grade that starts with our singer complaining abut how it's too easy, before we make him stop playing and sing.

Old_Zircon - 2016-01-04

What I'm saying is that solid or not, the gameplay was officially too easy far a 15 year old with diagnosed, bona fide, schizotypal personality disorder, so they were missing their core demographic.

infinite zest - 2016-01-05

I always liked my games kind of easy; my old brother in law was telling me about when they got a NES and dad made them stay up until they could beat Contra, on a school night. Without the 30 lives code because nobody knew it yet. Then again he's also a dad who threw a football shaped decoration through the TV during a packers game.. I hope that guy's head has exploded knowing that I get a lot of satisfaction with each packers loss, which has been a lot, this season.

kingarthur - 2016-01-04

I expected outrage and got a pantry raid.

Nominal - 2016-01-04

You won't BELIEVE the outrage that banks don't want homeowners to know about! Click here!

Sexy Duck Cop - 2016-01-04

Caveman rapists HATE this guy's One Weird Trick! Click here! http://theinternet.com

garcet71283 - 2016-01-04

Does this game have...a laugh track?

Also, is someone shouting "i have a problem" in thier best Jerry Lewis when you eat the big meat?

infinite zest - 2016-01-04

I think Mystical Ninja 64 had a laugh track too, and also random cutscenes from Metal Gear Solid 3, but that's all I can think of.

infinite zest - 2016-01-04

because every game needs a laugh track.

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