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Category:Arts, Business
Tags:black metal, busking, Prague, corpse paint
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Comment count is 8
infinite zest
Don't be such a grinch.

you're right on the money though.

infinite zest
I wasn't paying attention to the beautiful Prague in the background at all; I shouldn't have been such a Grinch about this one, since I really want to go there. There's really nothing about Portlandia besides the year-round green and mountains I can get to that make the city that attractive, unless you like condos. :)

Do you guys have a big black metal scene in Portland?

If not, would you like to start one?

infinite zest
There's a little, but for the most part metal's been more punk influenced (Dead Moon and The Wipers and others) that I hear, like Red Fang and Nasalrod but there's a scene for everything and everyone here. I was referencing the "black metal" characters on Portlandia specifically, who do pretty much this same routine.

I don't know if a true black metal scene would flourish here; in my ancestral country there was a reason for it, and the violent actions of Norwegians burning down Christian churches or killing their bandmates was pretty much like what Public Enemy did for black culture, although they didn't go to that level of extremity. Point is there's not too much to get pissed about except for small peas.

Well, I'm sure Portland's hipster community needs a Public Enemy to call their own. Maybe you could base the Portland Black Meta scene around burning down gluten-free bakeries and bicycle shops?

Typo but I thought it worked so I went with it.

infinite zest
Love it! Copyright that shit dawg! Wanna write a show together?

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