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Desc:Car nerd vs small animal
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:christmas, box, bat
Submitted:Juice Eggs McKenna
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Comment count is 15
Pretty much how it goes.
The Mothership
The things we do for animals.
infinite zest
He's a better man than I; years ago I got a call from my friend who was yelling that there was a bat in her house, got it trapped under a bowl but was freaking out. So I came over and it was a fucking moth the size of a bat. Then I freaked out and just threw the bowl out the window as far as I could. I owe that girl one bowl and may I be reincarnated into a moth for what I did :(

Why not just let the moth fly away? Waste of a bowl.

infinite zest
It did, but I have an intense fear of butterflies and moths. As soon as I opened it a bit I realized it was a moth and freaked out. :(

"Christmas Bat vs. Car Nerd." "Christmas Bat: Soccer Miracle." "Christmas Bat Goes Hawaiian."
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Christmas bat goes to summer camp

infinite zest
Christmas Bat In Love

Those are some of the cutest "I'm annoyed" sounds I've ever heard.
infinite zest
Maybe it's just my computer or just me, but those sounds made my throat tingle.

In person they really o sound a lot like a dial up modem (but higher frequencies). I could definitely see them making your throat tingle, I've mate that happen before (usually it's more the back of the neck and base of the skull though) with really aggressive high pass filtering.

Which bat is best bat?
infinite zest
No such thing as a best bat. They all get participation trophies.

True true. Nah I just like this guy's channel:

If it's cold outside, it will die without food. Once bats wake up in the winter it's feed or die, and their hibernation is pretty sensitive. For this reason, don't go in caves in the winter if they have bats.
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